14 Safe Podcasts for Kids and Schools in 2023

Being attentive to podcasts is usually a splendid manner for kids of every age to be told unutilized data and abilities or to pause with a amusing tale or tune. Discovering a podcast for children that’s if truth be told appropriate for them can also be tough and time-consuming, even though, because of the sheer quantity of choices to be had.

Listed below are 14 guard podcasts for children to hear with out you having to fret about exposing them to mistaken language or beside the point subjects. You may even get a kick out of 1 or two of them your self.

Keep Membership for Youngsters- Unutilized Keep Discovery And Dialogue

 Keep Membership for Youngsters

What We Like

  • This podcast is a splendid motivator for children to learn extra.
  • Superstar visitor stars and interviews with authors.

What We Don’t Like

  • Listeners aren’t knowledgeable of what books will likely be mentioned in past episodes so it’s tough to really feel such as you’re a part of the dialog.

Keep Membership for Youngsters is a podcast hosted via radio journalist, Kitty Felde, and several other youngsters. Each and every two weeks they talk about one YA copy, learn passages from it, or even interview the conserve’s creator.

Pay attention to Keep Membership for Youngsters

Sesame Boulevard Podcast- A Safeguard Youngsters Podcast With Vintage Characters

Sesame Workshop

What We Like

  • In contrast to maximum alternative podcasts, every episode of The Sesame Boulevard Podcast is if truth be told a video which can also be downloaded the use of the common podcast app and watched when offline.
  • Every episode is self-contained, that means youngsters can select and make a selection their favorites to look at again and again.

What We Don’t Like

  • The episodes are best 5 to 9 mins lengthy.

The legit Sesame Boulevard podcast is a video order of 20 stand-alone mini-episodes of the customery youngsters’s program. Every mini-episode specializes in one explicit personality and is made up of numerous clips of them speaking, making a song and dancing, and interacting with their pals.

Take a look at the Sesame Boulevard Podcast

Cool Information About Animals- A Safeguard Youngsters Podcast for Animal Enthusiasts

CountryStyle Pictures / E+ / Getty Pictures

What We Like

  • In fact fascinating animal information youngsters received’t pay attention on most youngsters tv techniques.

What We Don’t Like

  • Data is delivered to a moderately top velocity and with a quantity of clinical terminologies old. This makes every episode a negligible tough for more youthful youngsters to know, even though youngsters between the ages of six and 11 will have to be superb.
  • The kid hosts have a addiction of answering questions for the listener, thereby lowering engagement fairly. 

Cool Information About Animals is a podcast about, nicely, cool information about animals. It options an grownup host accompanied via a bunch of youngsters of various ages, and in combination they focal point on one animal every moment, revealing complex trivialities at the species, adopted via a quiz and every so often an interview with a professional.

Pay attention to Cool Information About Animals

Damage Increase Perfect- A Safeguard Youngsters Podcast With a Recreation Display Twist

Brains On

What We Like

  • Damage Increase Perfect doesn’t discuss right down to youngsters, but the language old is modest enough quantity for many to know.
  • Teaches debating abilities.
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What We Don’t Like

  • The concept that of this podcast may be very aggressive in nature, which is probably not ideally suited for children going thru an overly-competitive section and wish publicity to examples of compromise and teamwork.
  • Youngsters underneath six will most likely interpret this podcast as merely being a host of adults speaking to every alternative. It’s guard enough quantity for them to hear, however they received’t to find it as enticing as alternative podcasts made for children.

Damage Increase Perfect is a 30 minutes podcast that pits two groups of adults towards every alternative in a structured debate about which of 2 subjects are the most efficient. Arguments are intermingled with clinical or ancient information and there’s enough quantity authentic chemistry between the hosts to book folks and guardians engaged along junior listeners.

Pay attention to Damage Increase Perfect

Overturn Science Podcast for Youngsters- Safeguard Training for the Complete Crowd


What We Like

  • A number of well-researched data.

What We Don’t Like

  • This podcast is really appropriate for all the folk to hear, however a quantity of the humor can really feel compelled and might create younger teenagers roll their eyes sooner than in the end tuning out.

Overturn Science Podcast for Youngsters specializes in a unique matter every moment, which is explored in-depth with trivialities and audio clips from interviews with professionals. Every episode runs for round 20 mins.

Pay attention to Overturn Science Podcast for Youngsters

However Why?- A Podcast for Curious Youngsters


What We Like

  • Encourages interplay via asking listeners to ship in recorded questions, which might be performed in past episodes.

What We Don’t Like

  • Passion in every episode will range relying on which subjects are coated. Some youngsters is also interested by the episode on underground towns, as an example, however can have little interest in why tape is sticky.

However Why?- A Podcast for Curious Youngsters is a amusing podcast for kids that encourages them to invite questions on the whole thing and anything else they’ve ever puzzled about.

Episodes most often focal point on subjects like animals and the human frame, however the podcast may be very a lot structured via what its listeners need to pay attention.

Pay attention to However Why?- A Podcast for Curious Youngsters

OWTK Child’s Song Per month Podcast- Youngsters-Safeguard Tracks for the Complete Crowd


What We Like

  • A well-curated number of youngsters songs that aren’t overused conventional nursery rhymes or faculty songs.  

What We Don’t Like

  • The per thirty days leave time table makes it simple to fail to remember about this podcast.

OWTK Child’s Song Per month Podcast is a pretend radio station that performs songs guard for every age to hear. Episodes are exempted on a per thirty days foundation and most often run for round half-hour.

Pay attention to OWTK Child’s Song Per month Podcast

Cut & Curly- A Safeguard Podcast About Subjects Youngsters Care About


What We Like

  • Some of the hosts focuses on ethics and regularly offer perception into the morality of the themes coated.
  • All 3 hosts are enticing and truly humorous.
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What We Don’t Like

  • A quantity of the themes will walk over the heads of in point of fact younger audience. Cut & Curly is easiest listened to via youngsters elderly 8 and up.

Cut & Curly is a podcast that discusses boxes of fresh pastime to youngsters, reminiscent of singers who utility auto-tune, getting ears pierced, and why Pokemon Travel is so addictive.

Every podcast episode runs for round half-hour and is intermingled with discussions, skits, and interviews with youngsters concerning the moment’s matter.

Pay attention to Cut & Curly

Dream Obese Podcast- Motivational Interviews For Youngsters

Dream Obese Podcast

What We Like

  • An unbelievable number of interviews that may even enchantment to grownup listeners who be interested in motivational or entrepreneur podcasts.

What We Don’t Like

  • Folks want to be cautious of the promoting at the podcast’s website online and inside the episodes themselves.
  • The kid host’s conversation seems to had been written via an grownup.

The Dream Obese Podcast is a order created with the effort of inspiring youngsters to be enthusiastic and achieve for the celebs. Every episode runs for round part an future, with every specializing in an interview with a a success grownup, reminiscent of a billionaire, a well-known creator, or even an astronaut.

The interviews are strangely vague and can be easiest liked via the ones over the presen of 10. This will come as a miracle to a couple, because the podcast seems to be advertised in opposition to kindergarteners.

Pay attention to the Dream Obese Podcast

Noodle Loaf Display- A Youngsters Podcast With A laugh Actions & Songs

Noodle Loaf

What We Like

  • Appropriate for kids underneath 10 years impaired.
  • Encourages a quantity of lively listening.

What We Don’t Like

  • Unutilized podcast episodes are exempted as soon as a moment and best run for round 11 mins, so it received’t book youngsters busy for lengthy. 

The Noodle Loaf Display is a amusing podcast combining making a song, finding out, and lively listening in some way that’s simply as enticing as an episode of Sesame Boulevard or Dora the Explorer.

The spotlight of this youngsters podcast is the Noodle Loaf Choir branch, which asks listeners to ship in audio recordings of themselves making a song a tune. The creators nearest edit those in combination to manufacture one noteceable monitor sung via all the individuals.

Pay attention to The Noodle Loaf Display

Dad & Me Love Historical past- A Safeguard Global Minutiae Podcast for Youngsters

Dad & Me Love Historical past

What We Like

  • Appropriate for children as younger as 5. On the other hand, youngsters round 10 years impaired will get advantages probably the most; folks may even revel in being attentive to this.
  • The episode notes at the podcast’s website online come with definitions for phrases discussed that children is probably not usual with, plus a quiz to test how a lot they have in mind.

What We Don’t Like

  • The son does have a addiction of mumbling fairly a little bit, which is able to create working out him a little bit tough. His father does explain what he says in a while, even though. 
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Dad & Me Love Historical past is an incredibly informative podcast hosted via a father and son who discover ancient figures and occasions. From Global Warfare II air raids in England to the origins of The Admirable Wall of China and LEGO, there’s one thing right here for everybody.

Pay attention to Dad & Me Love Historical past

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl- 2 Hours of Safeguard Song for Youngsters

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

What We Like

  • The episode notes comprise a complete record of all the songs old.
  • With some episodes attaining two hours in field, this youngsters podcast is implausible for lengthy automobile journeys.

What We Don’t Like

  • Nearly all of the songs are rock song, which is probably not to everybody’s style.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl is a youngsters song podcast that curates quite a few unutilized and vintage tracks which might be guard for the entire folk to hear. Unutilized episodes are exempted weekly and run anyplace between 90 mins to 2 hours.

Pay attention to The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

TEDTalks Youngsters and Crowd- Inspiring Shows For Youngsters And Folks


What We Like

  • Some in point of fact inspirational podcast episodes that can inspire youngsters to check extra and be enthusiastic.
  • Similarly informative for children and fogeys.

What We Don’t Like

  • Age normally guard for children to view via themselves, one or two episodes defend subjects folks won’t need their youngsters uncovered to relying on their presen. A method to that is for folks to manually make a selection which episodes to obtain to their kid’s instrument.

TEDTalks Youngsters and Crowd is an legit number of TEDTalks displays both that includes kid presenters or masking boxes in relation to parenting, youngsters, and training.

Shows field from a teenage scientist discussing her unedited invention and a chat at the virtue of birds, to how Minecraft is old to show youngsters with Autism, to a tender entrepreneur sharing how she began her first corporate at presen 8.

Pay attention to TEDTalks Youngsters and Crowd

Just right Recreation- Spawn Level- Safeguard And A laugh Video Recreation Podcast For Youngsters


What We Like

  • D.A.R.R.E.N., the robotic sidekick, is constantly hilarious.
  • A splendid supply of online game information for adults and youngsters.
  • Particular instructional departments that delve into the making of video video games and the video games business.

What We Don’t Like

  • Critiques of video video games most often occur a moment or so next a online game is exempted.

Just right Recreation- Spawn Level is a long-running display all about online game information, evaluations, and competitions with a kid-friendly focal point.

Video video games featured on Spawn Level are restricted to these appropriate for every age reminiscent of Pokemon and Minecraft, and the hosts inspire audience to electronic mail them gaming questions which is able to get replied in past episodes.

Take a look at Just right Recreation- Spawn Level

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