How to Add Filter to Instagram Story Video

How to Add Filter to Instagram Story Video

On Instagram, there are a tonne of hidden filters. The beautiful thing about these filters is that the majority of them are free, allowing anyone to use them without much concern. What is the process for adding filters to an Instagram video story?

What are some of the most effective Instagram filters? What choices do you have to accomplish this both inside and outside of Instagram? Let’s look at it.

Which Instagram Filter Is the Most Popular?

Retro Cam

One of the unusual filter styles offered for the Instagram video story is the Retro Cam effect. It provides a small amount of screen dust, which aids in giving your film a vintage appearance. Additionally, it makes your movies look more cinematic, which eventually encourages you to attempt something new.

Your films will have a retro aesthetic, as the name implies, giving them a unique and nostalgic feel. When you use them for the first time, they could seem strange to you, but after using them a few times, you’ll fall in love with this special filter.

Caramel Latte

This filter might also be useful if you want to give your Instagram video stories an aged appearance. This filter adds a little lining and tiny dots to your films to give them a distinctive look with the propensity to make them memorable.

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How to get the retro video filter on Instagram is a common question. The straightforward solution is the caramel Latte filter, which will offer you vintage-looking films. The intriguing aspect of this filter is that it falls between a retro cam and a camcorder, so you might wind up with the ideal item for your recordings.


You can shoot videos with the camcorder that appear to be 20 years old. Some people may think this filter is dated, but it gives the image a distinctly 1990s feel.

You can use this filter to view what it would be like to be in the 1990s, but you can’t go back in time to take a video there. And for this reason, one of the most widely used Instagram effects is the camcorder. Your recorded videos may eventually appear to be broken recordings, but they are still valuable.

Steps for Adding a Filter to a Video in Instagram

Although it’s simple to apply these special filters, many people are unaware of their existence because they’re tucked down inside. How may a filter be added to an Instagram story video? Let’s look at it.

1. Swipe right from the Instagram feed to access the story mode.

2. You can add Instagram filters to your story video before you start filming. There are numerous filter options. Swiping them to the left will allow you to view them. Simply click on the filters there to activate them if you want to use them. Swipe to the far right as seen in the image, though, if you’d want filters in addition to that.

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3. At the bottom, click the browse more button. then click the search icon located in the top right corner. The search bar here allows you to conduct multiple filter searches. You may have the filter by simply naming it.

4. Scroll down and click here to receive the filter of your choice. Any filter you choose will be added to your Instagram story video when you click the “Try it” button. This will reopen the story mode with the chosen filter.

Some Quick FAQ’s on Adding Filter to Instagram Story Video

Learn how to edit and create spectacular effects using Filme by watching this video:

Can I add Instagram filters to already-existing videos?

Yes, Instagram gives you the option to add filters to your already-posted videos, albeit you might not have as many options as when publishing live videos. Therefore, whenever it’s possible, shooting a live video is always the superior choice.

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How do I access Instagram’s secret filters?

When using Instagram’s hidden filters, you can completely transform the quality of your Instagram stories. Explore these filters by following these instructions.

Step 1: Turn on the camera but wait before starting to upload the narrative. Before beginning to shoot the tale video, you must select the filter.

Step 2. Locate the “Browse Effects” option by swiping the filters all the way to the extreme right. Explore the hidden filters by clicking on it.

Step 3: Choose one of your options from the horizontal classification presented here to meet your demands specifically. If not, you may simply look over each one to see where your preferences fit in.

Why are the Instagram filters not working?

Instagram’s video story filters occasionally cease working for a variety of reasons. By adopting the next-mentioned actions, you can remedy it.

  • If the app still doesn’t work, try restarting the phone.
  • Force From the settings menu, exit the application.
  • Clear the cache for the Instagram app.
  • If it hasn’t already, update the Instagram app.

After using one of these fixes, your filters will typically begin to function. Sometimes certain functionalities of the programme cease working simply because you don’t have the most recent version.

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