How to Add Music To Your Facebook Profile [2022]

How to Add Music To Your Facebook Profile (Tutorial)

Being a versatile social app, Facebook has many options or perks to facilitate users. Right from entertainment to knowledge an individual can easily acquire everything right from one platform.

Also, Facebook helps you to play games, watch instant movie clips, etc. But above all features recently one of the features that have been added to the list is you can add music to your Facebook profile.

Once the song of your choice is added you can play it whenever you want to. But if you are wondering how can it be done then here are some simple steps to follow.

How To Add Music On Facebook Profile (Tutorial)

There are some simple steps to add music to both android and iOS devices.

Step 1: All you need is to login into your Facebook account (Android/iOS)

Step 2: You will be directed to the feed page. Later you need to click on Your Profile Picture on the top right.

Add Music On Facebook Profile

You can also click on the three horizontal lines and tap on your Name (See Profile). Both work the same.

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Step 3: After reaching all you need is to scroll down a bit and you will be see “Music Tab” just below the Posts “What’s on your mind”. You need to tap on the respective tab i.e., music.

How To Add Music On Facebook Profile (Tutorial)

If you are not able to see the Music Tab, slide to left on the options like photos, avatars, life events.

Step 4: Once you have performed the respective step then you will be redirected to the song page. Click on the + icon on the top and search for the song you want to add.

Step 5: Tap on the song you want to add, you can also select multiple songs.

How To Add Music On Facebook Profile

Step 6: After you’ve selected the songs, tap the back button or click on Cancel on the top right corner and then go back one more time.

Step 7: You would now land on a page where you would be able to see all the music that you’ve selected. Now, to add the song to your profile, click on the three dots just next to the name of the song and select Pin to Profile.

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Steps To Add Music To Facebook Profile

With this, your song is now added to your profile.

How To Add Music To Profile on Facebook

If you later like to add another music you can replace it with the old one. You can also delete the music if you don’t want any music on your profile.

To replace or delete the music tap the 3-dot icon present just next to the title of the music that you’ve added. You would see the options unpin or replace the song.

How To Replace or Remove Music From Facebook Profile

Note: The music added to your Facebook profile would be visible to all the users as this feature is set to public by Facebook.

Add Your Favorite Music And Make Your Day Better on Facebook

Music can heal many problems and it can make your day worthwhile relaxing your mind. However, besides all social platforms, Facebook is offering new perks within it.

The one where you can add music to your Facebook profile and listen whenever you want to. You can choose a song according to your mood and reflect it in your account.

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Can You Add Music On Facebook Profile Using PC?

As of February 2022, you would not be able to add music to your Facebook profile if you are a desktop user. In addition to this, you would also not be able to see the music added by other users to their profile if you are logging in from your PC.

If you want to make use of this feature then you should log in to your account from the Facebook mobile application as this feature is only available on the mobile application.

But, Facebook might go with this feature of adding music to Facebook profile from desktop or laptop soon. We would update if any such feature is added in the future.

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