How to Add Wedding Song On Instagram Story [2022]

How to Add Wedding Song On Instagram Story

The session of Valentine has arrived and every couples and lovers are spending their time in making the valentine week special for each of their partners.

Weddings and weddings songs becomes very popular during these days and you might have seen people updating stories on their Instagram with various wedding songs.

Apart from celebrating the valentine’s week by sharing gifts and spending time with each another, people are finding ways of making the valentines week memorable by being a part of the trends on various social media platforms.

With the Valentine’s Day is approaching, a new trend of adding Wedding Songs on Instagram is trending on Instagram. This trend is mainly concentrated towards the married couple as it relates the wedding song, however even the unmarried couples are being a part of this trend.

In this blog, I would be discussing How to Add Wedding Song On Instagram Story.

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Wedding Song to Your Instagram Story

Wedding Song Trend is a new trend on Instagram on account of the Valentine’s Day. This is a trend to celebrate love by the partners along with each other.

In this trend, the married couple or the partners are sharing to share their wedding photo with a wedding song as the background music.

As you are update your wedding picture, you can be a part of this trend if your are married, and if you are looking to join this trend, follow the steps mentioend below.

How to Add A Wedding Song to Your Instagram Story

It is easy and simple to join the trend, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your mobile.

Step 2: Swipe Right and select Story or you can also click on the + (plus) icon on the top left and then select story.

Add Story Post or Reels Button Instagram

Step 3: Select you Wedding Photo or Video from the gallery to upload it in your Story.

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Step 4: Swipe up on the screen or press the “Sticker Button” at the top to add a music sticker.

Step 5: Select “Music” from the available stickers (search for it if you cannot find it).

Add Music Sticker to Instagram Story

Step 6: Search for the Song you would want to be played as the background music in your Wedding Song Challenge.

Step 7: To add a song to your Story, simply Touch The Song’s Name. Press the Play button to listen to the music before adding.

How to Add Music to Sticker Instagram Story

Step 8: You can change the preview of your wedding song’s sticker by tapping on the sticker until you are satisfied with the preview. The suggested preview from my end and most widely used in the trend is the one with full album details as shown below.

You can select the portion of the song that you wish to be played as the background music along with the duration on the song.

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How to Add Music Sticker to Your Instagram Story

Step 9: One you are done with all of the things as mentioned above, click on “Done” and place your sticker on your Stories at the desired location by dragging it.

Step 10: At the bottom-left of the screen, click the “Your Story” button to upload your story.

You can watch the video tutorial, for adding the music sticker to your story.

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