How to Use Before And After Scan On Instagram [2022]

You might have seen users posting a video of themselves and their twin using the before and after scan filter on Instagram.

This trend has been trending as it is entertaining the users as they can compare themselves with the twin in the form of a celebrity or any other person of their choice.

People are enjoying this trend and are also willing to join the trend and use this amazing filter of Instagram.

It is not very difficult for a user to join this trend and see their twin after scanning their face. Let us find out how you can join this trend and use the Before And After Scan Instagram Filter.

How to Use the Before And After Instagram Filter

Step 1: Open the Instagram Application on your Mobile.

Step 2: As this is a reels trend, create a new reel by tapping on the + (plus icon) and then Reel.

Step 3: Click on Effects and then search for “Before/After Scan”, filter by cans.trkmn.

How to Get Before After Filter on Instagram

Step 4: Select the first result and pull the line downwards.

Step 5: Click on Add Media and select the photo. (The picture you want to show as your twin in the reel).

How to Use the Before And After Instagram Filter

Step 6: Start recording the reel by holding the Record Button.

You can add music and other effects as per your choice.

In this the video would start with the recorded reel and then it would be shown as it is being scanned and the picture that you’ve selected would start being visible.

This is an interesting Instagram filter trend and worth trying once.

How to Get Before After Filter on Instagram

Well, there are multiple ways of accessing this filter. I would be discussing two of the simplest and most common ways in this post.

As the effect is created by an Instagram user @cans.trkmn, you can easily find this effect from the effects & filters section of her profile. Go to the effects section and scroll down for this filter.

The simplest way of them is to directly search for the effect from the effects options while adding a new reel

Watch the Tutorial Video provided below, if you are facing any difficulties.

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