The 10 Best Reddit Apps for Android in 2023

Reddit’s web page is tricky to navigate and gradual on cell units, together with Android telephones and drugs. Heck, even Reddit turns out to understand this, as an app is needed to get entry to many Reddit options on Android units.

Date there are dozens of Reddit apps to be had for Android, we’ve combed in the course of the choices to search out the ten highest Reddit apps for Android.

Reddit (Legitimate app)

What We Like

  • Formally supported by means of Reddit.
  • Easy, clean to utility interface.
  • Doesn’t require authorizing third-party get entry to.
  • No backup commercials.

What We Don’t Like

  • Interface seems in lieu modest.
  • Restricted customization.
  • Scrolling is laggy every now and then.

The legitimate Reddit app is an easy, easy-to-use choice and covers the fundamentals.

That is your best choice for Android customers all in favour of privateness and safety, as you don’t wish to permit third-party get entry to for your Reddit account.

Customization and responsiveness are the place the Reddit app falls cut. There’s no longer a dozen you’ll be able to do to assemble the app paintings the way in which you’d love it to and it’s slightly gradual on older Android units.

The legitimate Reddit app is loose and doesn’t come with in-app commercials, despite the fact that you’ll nonetheless see Reddit’s promoted posts.


What We Like

  • Media is immense and tasty.
  • Subreddits take precedence.
  • Very responsive in spite of immense pictures.
  • Isolated without a commercials.

What We Don’t Like

  • RPAN and Trending options are half-baked.
  • Now not stunning for surfing textual content.
  • Feedback can take occasion to load.

Infinity is a beautiful Reddit app that makes a speciality of immense, sunlit displays of media. This doesn’t have an effect on basic efficiency, as scrolling left-overs easy.

Subreddits and feedback take precedence on this app. Subreddits, upvotes, and messages quality prominently, making get entry to clean. It’s a good selection for those who persist with a couple of subreddits.

Then again, Infinity’s RPAN and Trending categories really feel half-baked. Efficiency isn’t easiest, both.

Infinity is loose and doesn’t come with commercials.

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Spice up

What We Like

  • Appears to be like related to legitimate app.
  • Very easy and responsive.
  • Many customization choices.

What We Don’t Like

  • Most likely too related to the legitimate app.
  • Excited by media over textual content.
  • Choices will also be overwhelming.

Spice up is a stunning extra to the legitimate Reddit app. It seems related and lives as much as its title with finest efficiency. It feels speedy and responsive in spite of a focal point on media content material.

Despite the fact that sexy, Spice up doesn’t be on one’s feet out from the legitimate Reddit app and alternative third-party competition and its choices will also be overwhelming for blind customers, too.

Spice up is loose and supported by means of commercials, that are unobtrusive. The app’s top rate model eliminates commercials.


What We Like.

  • Used-school vibe.
  • Hazy textual content presentation.
  • Exceptionally speedy scrolling.

What We Don’t Like.

  • Default textual content measurement is small.
  • Interface is unattractive.
  • Advertisements are extra open than maximum choices.

BaconReader is a Reddit app with an old-school vibe. The default interface seems related pre-Reddit internet boards, which might attraction to a few. The checklist view is terribly non-transperant, however the textual content will also be small and dried to learn. Scrolling is speedy and easy.

This app doesn’t center of attention on media presentation. Pictures and video seem however are restricted in measurement by means of default, and a few movies don’t seem in any respect.

The app is loose and comprises commercials. The commercials are extra prevailing and traumatic than maximum choices. A paid model eliminates commercials.


What We Like

  • Sexy interface.
  • Distinctive font.
  • Easy scrolling.

What We Don’t Like

  • Interface choices will also be dried to navigate.
  • Default interface isn’t non-transperant.
  • Educational messages are traumatic.

Joey is a beautiful extra to alternative Reddit apps. It items media neatly and has an attention-grabbing line. Even the font isn’t the same as maximum Reddit apps.

Scrolling is responsive in spite of the app’s gorgeous design. Feedback and third-party hyperlinks load temporarily.

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The app has an instructional device of pop-up messages to lead customers via options. Green customers might like those, pace extra skilled Redditors will to find them traumatic.

Joey is loose and comprises commercials. A top rate, ad-free model isn’t to be had.

Rif is A laugh

What We Like

  • Extraordinarily non-transperant interface.
  • Responsive scrolling.
  • Clever, sunlit textual content.

What We Don’t Like

  • Now not essentially the most sexy.
  • Restricted subreddit group.
  • Many choices, however tough to navigate.

Rif is A laugh, previously referred to as Reddit is A laugh, is an exceptionally non-transperant and text-forward Reddit app. Its default presentation packs a ton into your display. The textual content is small however genius and high-contrast.

On account of its speedy, easy scrolling, it’s perfect for Reddit customers who hastily proceed via posts.

Rif helps many customization choices, however the choices aren’t sexy or clean to navigate. Green Reddit customers might really feel misplaced.

The app is loose and supported by means of commercials, however they’re no longer distracting. A paid improve eliminates commercials.


What We Like

  • Sexy interface.
  • Choices web page comprises previews.
  • Isolated without a commercials.

What We Don’t Like

  • Many options locked in the back of professional model.
  • Default settings presentations few posts.

Slide is likely one of the most enticing Reddit apps. It offer easy scrolling via media and the default interface has a immense, sexy presentation of pictures and movies.

It’s clean to utility and customise. The choices web page features a preview quality that presentations how adjustments to the interface will glance prior to you assemble them.

Slide is loose and does no longer come with commercials. It in lieu offer a top rate improve with remaining options, like a Reader Form for third-party web pages and particular layouts that target a gallery presentation of pictures.


What We Like

  • Hazy, content-rich interface.
  • Default settings items textual content neatly.
  • Typically easy scrolling.

What We Don’t Like

  • Subreddit group is complicated.
  • Now not sexy.
  • Can bathroom down over occasion.

Relay is a Reddit app that leans against a non-transperant, text-heavy presentation. It packs a dozen of data into your display. The font is genius and sunlit with just right spacing between textual content components.

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And, due to its shortage of center of attention on media content material, it’s in most cases easy because of utility. A turn of your thumb can fly via a couple of posts. Subreddit group is extra complicated than maximum choices, on the other hand, and the app can bathroom down on future.

Relay is loose and supported by means of commercials, however they don’t seem continuously. An ad-free Professional model is to be had.

Offline Reader for Reddit

What We Like

  • Can simply obtain posts to view next.
  • Hazy, text-heavy interface.
  • Isolated without a commercials.

What We Don’t Like

  • Wicked media presentation.
  • Now not stunning for on-line viewing.

Offline Reader for Reddit does what it says at the tin. It temporarily and simply downloads Reddit posts to be considered next. The interface is fast, so you’ll be able to hastily obtain many posts directly.

It is a non-transperant, text-heavy app with an old-school glance. It is going to please Reddit customers who love to learn posts and feedback, however that comes at the price of media presentation.

The app is loose and doesn’t come with commercials. A handful of paid topics are to be had to modify the glance of the app.


What We Like

  • Sexy interface and media presentation.
  • Hazy textual content presentation.
  • Isolated without a commercials.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can really feel slightly gradual.
  • Default interface is unattractive.
  • Barebones choices.

RedReader is a great choice for customers who need sexy symbol and video presentation with out sacrificing non-transperant textual content. Media seems stunning and the atmosphere textual content is small and dried.

Despite the fact that useful, the default interface isn’t essentially the most sexy. That is most commonly because of the immense, pink menu bar on the supremacy. The app too can really feel slightly gradual when loading feedback or scrolling hastily.

RedReader is loose and doesn’t come with commercials.

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