How To Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides Permanently

How To Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides Permanently

Don’t freak out if you accidentally sent someone a Facebook Messenger message. You still have time to take action.

Perhaps you chose the incorrect recipient for the message. Or perhaps you came to the realization that you might have been too harsh with them. Perhaps you worry that they’ll send your message to one of their contacts. If you act quickly, you can solve everything.

Steps to Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides

  1. Tap and hold the message you want to erase on your phone.
  2. Next, choose Remove.
  3. When asked for the recipient of the message you want to delete, select Unsend.
  4. When prompted, confirm the decision you have made.
  5. A confirmation message that reads, “You unsent a message,” should appear if the message was successfully erased.

The recipient will additionally receive a notice letting them know you removed that mail, on the other hand. Sadly, there is no way to conceal that note. The person who received the message will be aware if you deleted it.

The “You unsent a message” note in your Messenger app is always erasable. The letter will still remain in the recipient’s conversation history, despite this. The note cannot be deleted from your conversation history. It will still be visible to other chat users.

Note: 'Remove for Everyone' was a former Facebook option. A choice is no longer an option. However, you can accomplish the same task by selecting Unsend.

Just a friendly reminder: There is a 10-minute window if you send a message that you want to remove from both sides. Happy texting!

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Try an alternative approach to Permanently Delete Facebook Messenger Messages from Both Sides if the first method didn’t work for you.

Alternative Method to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages from Both Sides

The alternative method is to Delete communication on your computer permanently from both parties.

If the 10-minute time has passed and you still wish to erase a message from both parties, you can still follow the procedures in this way. We have a tip that could actually be useful to you. Take the instructions provided and give it a shot.

Note: We strongly advise against using this method as it can cause issues for both your Facebook account and the other chat participants. Additionally, unless it is the case, avoid selecting items from the list like harassment or bullying.
  1. Start by logging into Facebook and going to the chat you wish to delete the message from.
  2. Next, select the “Something’s Wrong” option from the right panel.
  1. A pop-up window will now appear, asking if the chat constitutes spam, harassment, or something else. The conversation can be flagged as spam or objectionable.
  1. After deactivating your Facebook account, log back in a few hours later. Verify the approach’s success.
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If you deactivate your account, the other user might not be able to see your message as well.

Final Words on Deleting Messages on Facebook for Both Sides

The first rule is to avoid sending communications that you could later regret. Sending communications that could get you into trouble is not advised. Remember that the recipient might have taken a screenshot of the conversation history even if you are able to use the Unsend option.

The ability to delete messages was well-received by Facebook users. However, you can only use the option six months after sending the emails. Messages sent on Facebook that are older than six months cannot be retrieved. In this situation, asking the recipient to remove the relevant texts is the only option.

FAQ’s on Facebook Message Deletion

Why is the timeframe for message deletion just 10 minutes long?

Facebook only permits you to erase a message from both parties within 10 minutes of sending the message, as we have already discussed in this article. The message cannot be deleted after 10 minutes of transmission.

But why is there a 10-minute time limit? Facebook chose such a limited term as a result of the sharp rise in cyberbullying incidents. In an effort to prevent people from removing some potential evidence, this brief 10-minute interval restricts message deletion.

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Can blocking someone Delete messages from both sides?

You could think that barring someone prevents people from seeing your communications and deletes your messages. Unfortunately, this won’t get rid of the messages you’ve previously sent. When you block someone, they can view but not respond to your messages.

Is it possible to report a deleted abusive message on Facebook?

Even if a message is erased, you can still report it as abusive. In its database, Facebook retains a copy of deleted messages. So, from the Something’s Wrong button, select “Harassment” or “Abusive,” and then send feedback describing the problem. Here are some instructions:

  1. Start by visiting the chat you want to report. Find the “Something’s Wrong” button in the bottom right corner. Just click it.
  1. Your screen will display a new window. Select “Harassment” or “Abusive” from the list, or whatever you feel is appropriate.
  1. Press the Send Feedback button next.

We hope you were able to completely erase Facebook Messenger communications from both sides using the techniques outlined above after we discussed deleting and reporting messages on the Facebook web app and Messenger. You may now permanently improve your Facebook chatting experience. Please leave a remark if you have any questions or concerns.

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