How to Delete My Activity Log On Facebook?

  1. Open your activity log, click More and then select Search from the left column.
  2. Next to the search entry you want to remove, click Delete.

I’m looking for instructions on deleting old Facebook status updates from my timeline or anywhere else they may appear as an option on facebook so i can delete them and remove all trace of me ever mentioning something. This is for security purposes since there are things posted in those statuses which I no longer want others to be able to see since people search my name often. If anyone has any idea how this is done then please tell me here.. thanks!

How do I delete the list of people who like me on Facebook?

I’ve got a list of people who like me, and that’s just creepy. All things considered; it makes sense that there should be such an option to hide this feature so you can’t see how many people like you. How is this done on Facebook, and does anyone know where documented evidence would provide instructions on how to set or change some privacy settings on your facebook profile? Looking for something nearly identical as a previous post in your comment section. Thanks!

More than 30 days ago I was using chat heads with my friend Stav, we had a big argument on Facebook and he deleted me from his friends list. I have been trying to get him back but I can’t find him anywhere on facebook, only thing left is my chat heads when he was using chat heads with me and after that it’s like he has dissapeared completely. Please help me locate him again!! We really miss each other..

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More than 30 days ago I was using chat heads with my friend Stav, we had a big argument on Facebook and he deleted me from his friends list. I have been trying to get him back but I can’t find him anywhere on facebook.

How Can I Delete My Activity Log Manually

If you haven’t installed any app from your mobile in recent past, then you can still delete your Facebook activity log manually by following the steps given below. But don’t worry if you have installed Facebook apps from your mobile because deleting the same is very simple and won’t take more than few minutes as we explain below:

1. To delete your activity log manually on Facebook, open the browser of your mobile and then go to .

2. Now tap on ‘Manage Activity’ link given at the bottom-right side of the page shown in the image above and it will take you to a new page with activity log of all time as shown in the image below:

3. You can choose which part or aspect you want to delete from here, including web activity, location history, recent searches etc so that their recordings are erased permanently and won’t be tracked again by Facebook for any reasons whatsoever. But remember if you have installed any Facebook application from your mobile device recently then before deleting the activity log, you need to uninstall it first. This is because Facebook apps keep track of your browsing history even after uninstalling and this can be dangerous for you in case anyone with malicious intent gets hold of your mobile or if someone steals your mobile from you.

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4. So let’s say you have installed any Facebook application on your phone recently, then simply uninstall that application and when removed successfully then only delete your activity log on Facebook manually as explained above.

5. In order to uninstall most recent Facebook application from your device, go to ‘Settings’ on your phone and next click ‘Apps’. Now search for facebook app using its name and once found tap on it to open its information page as shown below:

6. Now simply click on ‘Uninstall’ button given at the top of its information page as shown in the image above to remove it from your device and once successfully uninstalled, then you can delete your Facebook activity log manually as explained earlier.

7. Just don’t forget that when you delete some specific part or aspect of activity log manually using the steps mentioned above, Facebook may keep track of it due to which there is a high chance that in future if someone with malicious intent gets hold of your mobile then he/she will know about all your browsing history for a very long time because now they have got access to these deleted logs due to which deleting them manually also becomes a big risk for you so be careful while doing.

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How do I delete my activity on Facebook?

To delete any trace of your activity, log into Facebook. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ > ‘Settings’ to select what you want to include in the deletion process (text, photos, videos, weblinks) . If you’ve shared anything with someone else or if they have saved content from sharing with them (photo albums), it will not be deleted.

Why can’t I delete my activity log on Facebook?

Clearing your Facebook Activity Log means you can remove each individual activity record stored on the website. Your Facebook Activity Log records everything that goes on in the social media site, from Likes to comments to new friend connections.

How do I make my activity log private on Facebook?

To adjust the privacy settings of your account, tap on “Your activity.” Under the dropdown menu that appears, change your option to “Only me” so that you can make it private.

How do I delete my activity log on Facebook 2021?

Open a Facebook app and tap menu. Now choose Settings & Privacy, then click on Activity log. From there you can filter by date or content, undo any post you would like to delete from being published.Post navigation

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