How to Disconnect Facebook From Spotify – 2022

Disconnect Spotify From Facebook

If you have signed up on Spotify using your Facebook account or have linked your Facebook account with Spotify account earlier and are now willing to unlink them, you are on the right page.

In this post, I would guide you to disconnect or unlink your Facebook Account from Spotify.

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Unlink Spotify From Facebook

If you have signed up to Spotify using your Facebook account, you might be unsettled logging on to your account. You would be required to log in to your Facebook account every time you wish to log in to your Spotify account if Spotify is linked to Facebook.

And, this is why you might be looking to disconnect your Facebook account from Spotify.

You may also not want to share your Facebook account info with any other application, hence in this case too you would need to unlink Facebook and Spotify.

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It is not a complex process to disconnect Facebook and Spotify. The process of unlinking Facebook and Spotify is easy and simple.

Let us get to know how we can disconnect our Facebook Account from our Spotify Account.

Steps to Disconnect Facebook From Spotify (Tutorial)

It is easy and quick to disconnect Facebook from Spotify. Follow the steps mentioned below to unlink Spotify and Facebook.

The process of disconnecting Facebook From Spotify is divided into two different parts and we need to follow both to successfully unlink them.

Part 1 Set Device Password / change Password

Before you unlink Spotify and Facebook, you would first need to be sure with the password of your account

If you have not set the password of your account, you should first Set Device Password for your Spotify account or you can change the password if you had already set the password but have not forgotten it.

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Setting the password would help you to log in to your Spotify account independently without logging in to your Facebook account.

To set the password, go to Set Device Password / Change Password under the accounts section of your Spotify account.

Once, you have set the password or reset the password for your account you can proceed with the second part of this process.

Part 2 Unlink Spotify From Facebook

The second part of this process is to be carried out from your Facebook account. You can either use your Facebook application on your mobile or perform it from the web browser on your laptops and also mobile.

Follow the steps mentioned below to unlink Facebook and Spotify.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account that is linked to Spotify on your web browser of the mobile application.

Step 2: Click on the Dropdown (Arrow-like) Icon on the top right corner and go to Settings & Privacy from the menu as shown below.

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Settings & Privacy Facebook

Step 3: Under Settings & Privacy, select Settings to go to the settings menu.

Settings Under Settings & Privacy Facebook

Step 4: Under Settings, scroll down to the Apps & Websites and click on it. You would now be able to see the list of connected, linked third-party accounts to your Facebook account.

Apps & Websites Facebook Settings

Step 5: Go to Spotify and Click on the Remove button to disconnect Spotify from Facebook.

Unlink Spotify From Facebook

You would now see the actions you can take before unlinking both the accounts.

Step 6: Confirm the removal of the connected application by clicking on Remove.

Unlink Spotify From Facebook

That is all and your Facebook account would be disconnected from your Spotify account.

You can now log in to your Spotify account using your username / email / phone number and the password that you’ve set or changed. This would make your signing into different devices easier and safe.

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