How To Download Twitter Videos

Download Twitter Videos

Unlike Tik Tok or Snapchat, Twitter is more suited for communicating ideas than videos. But daily on Twitter, a tonne of funny videos are shared.

Let’s say you want to locate a way to download a video to view later or find a means to keep watching that adorable kitten video you never get tired of. You cannot directly download videos from Twitter’s platform. But there is always a way if you have the desire.

Continue reading to find out how to download Twitter videos on different gadgets.

How to Download Twitter Videos From a PC or Desktop

You cannot save a Twitter video to your PC using a built-in capability. You must make use of an online Twitter video downloader provided by a third party. We frequently utilise Circleboom to manage Twitter accounts, including mass-deleting Tweets and following and unfollowing other users. But we may also download videos using the website.

What you should do is:

1. Launch Circleboom in your web browser, then register for an account.

2. A menu will be seen to the left of Circleboom when it is opened. Select the download icon for the video.

3. Simply select Video Downloader.

4. Enter the Twitter video’s URL in the search box if you wish to download it.

5. To download that video file, click Grab. Next, click the Here button with a right-click to save the video.

6. You can download the video to your device from the new window that will open.

Simply copy the URL for the video and put it into the webpage. To download and save a Twitter video using TinyWow, adhere to following instructions for Twitter Video Downloader.

1. Start Twitter and log into your account.

2. Find the Twitter video you wish to download by searching.

3. After selecting “Share,” select “Copy link to Tweet.”

4. Go to “” by clicking.

5. Track down “Twitter Download” by scrolling down.

6. Enter the URL there, then select “Find Video.”

7. Choose where you want to save your file after clicking “Download.”

8. Finally, a new tab will be opened for you. Choose “Download” from the three vertical dots by clicking them.

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How to Download Videos from Twitter on an iPhone

You cannot download videos from Twitter’s platform. However, various third-party programmes are available, such “My Media application“ or “Documents by Readle.” To save your favourite footage to your iOS device, download either app and then follow these instructions.

1. Find the video you wish to save on Twitter by opening the app.

2. After selecting “Share,” click “Copy the URL to Tweet.”

3. Open the outside application you already downloaded.

4. To open an in-app browser, tap the browser icon.

5. Navigate to in the browser.

6. Copy the video link, then paste it in the box, then click “Download.”

7. You’ll see a new download link appear. To save your video, select “Download Video” and give it a name. The app will store the video.

8. Activate the app, then select “Save to Camera Roll” to save the video to your iOS device.

How to Download Videos From Twitter Using an Android Device

You cannot directly download videos from the Twitter platform. As a result, you must employ a third-party programme. One of the better apps for the purpose is the one that lets you download Twitter videos. Here’s how to begin downloading your preferred Twitter videos to your Android phone or tablet.

1. Locate the video you want to download and log into your Twitter account.

2. Then select “Copy the link to Tweet” after tapping the “Share” button.

3. Download the “Download Twitter Videos” app from the Play Store.

4. Copy the Twitter video URL and paste it into the app.

5. Click the “Download” button located in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Now, the video is downloading. Open the app, choose the video, or go to the “Gallery” to view it offline.

How to Download Videos from a Twitter Direct Message

A direct message received video cannot be downloaded. You can use the following techniques to save your DM movies to your PC.

Use a Chrome Extension

Plus The Video Downloader One of the quickest and simplest methods to save your DM videos is definitely with a Chrome extension. To accomplish it, adhere to following procedures.

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1. Add the “Video Downloader PLUS” extension by going to “Google Chrome Extension.”

2. Play the DM video you want to save after logging onto Twitter.

3. Click the Video Downloader PLUS extension in the top right corner.

4. You can download the video in a variety of resolutions that are displayed. Your video will download after you choose the appropriate file and size.

Use FFmpeg

Free, open-source software called FFmpeg enables you to download videos from other websites besides simply Twitter. The procedure is simple, quick, and works with both Windows and macOS.

To download and install the FFmpeg codec, you must first go to the official FFmpeg website. The.m3u8 link for the video you want to save must then be obtained.

How to Get the .m3u8 URL

1. Log into Twitter and access the direct message containing the disputed video.

2. To start the “Developer Tools,” press F12 or the hotkey “Ctrl + Shift + I” (Windows) or “Cmd + Shift + I” (Mac).

3. Click the “Network” tab in the Developer Tools box.

4. The DM video you want to save is playing.

5. Type “.m3u8” in the “Filter” text box under the “Network” tab. A collection of video playlists with the.m3u8 file extension will appear.

6. Two or three separate video versions with varying resolutions or quality are often available on Twitter. Choose the URL for the desired file and size.

Follow these steps after copying the.m3u8 URL to the clipboard.

1. By entering “cmd” and pressing “Enter,” you can open the command prompt.

2. Press “Enter” after pasting the.m3u8 link. The video will be downloaded to your user’s folder by FFmpeg.

Use the YouTube-DL tool

Use YouTube-DL, which requires a command prompt and works with both Windows and macOS. Get the most recent version here first. Then, follow the instructions in the section above titled “How to Get the.m3u8 URL” to copy your.m3u8 link. then take this action.

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1. Launch the Command Prompt and type “youtube-dl.exe ” into it.

For instance:

“youtube-dl.exe bb video/10888877”

The current directory will get the download of your Twitter video.

Use VLC Media Player

You can download the.m3u8 file using the VLC Media Player if you’re not a fan of FFmpeg or YouTube-DL. How? Read on.

1. To use the most recent Windows or Mac version, go to the VLC Media Player official page.

2. Choose “Convert/Save” from the home screen’s menu.

3. To download a video, copy its.m3u8 URL and paste it into the “Network” tab.

Check out the How to Get the.m3u8 URL section, which is located directly above the Use YouTube-DL Utility part, for detailed instructions on how to obtain the.m3u8 URL.

4. Then select “Convert” by clicking the downward-pointing arrow next to the “Convert/Save” icon.

5. Choose the video “Profile” from the “Convert” box, then click “Settings” (the wrench icon) adjacent to it.

6. Check the “Keep original video track” box under the “Video codec” tab.

7. Check the “Keep original video track” box under the “Audio codec” tab.

8. Press the “Save” key.

9. Verify that you are pleased with the path entered in the “Destination file” in the “Convert” window. If not, select a different folder by clicking the “Browse” button before saving the video.

10. Press “Start.”

Your Twitter video will now be downloaded by VLC.

Access to Your Favorite Twitter Videos Permanently

If users want to download any videos posted on Twitter, they will need assistance from third-party services. You may download Twitter videos using a variety of free applications, such as VLC Media Player and Twitter Video Downloader. Although some techniques are simpler to utilise than others, the task is ultimately completed. As long as the videos are still accessible at the source, you can now have ongoing access to the ones you found funniest or most intriguing.

Which of the funny or entertaining videos you received was the best? Have you downloaded it utilising one of these techniques? In the comments section below, tell us about it.

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