How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat

How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat

When using their phones at night, individuals frequently experience eye strain, but the glaring blue light from the screens can also make it hard to fall asleep, give them headaches, and more. To get around this, a lot of apps, websites, and smart devices offer dark mode.

What is Dark Mode?

The app’s colour palette is changed to a darker setting in Dark Mode (also known as night mode). Another name for dark mode is bedtime mode; if you intend to remain up late with the lights off, this is the display setting you should use. Snapchat and other apps, like Facebook, allow you to enable Dark Mode.

Unfortunately, not all apps include a night mode; in fact, some of the most well-liked ones still lack this useful function.

No matter what other apps can do, here’s how to make Snapchat’s dark mode work.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat on iOS

Just a few weeks after Apple added a dark mode choice to iOS, Snapchat, the popular picture messaging and talking software, released a dark mode option for iOS/iPhone in October 2019. Use it as follows.

1. You may access your Snapchat profile by clicking the “Bitmoji” in the top left corner of the app.

2. On the upper right, click the “Gear Icon” (Settings).

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3. “App Appearance” can be found by scrolling down.

4. Choose on “Always Dark.”

How to Use Snapchat’s Dark Mode on Android

Sadly, Snapchat hasn’t made Dark Mode available for Android users, however they consistently update everything else. Since “Dark Mode” launched on iOS/iPhone almost three years ago (in October 2019), it is probably reasonable to assume that it won’t be coming to Android.

Nevertheless, depending on where they are in the world, some users might have access to Dark Mode (beta mode). Maybe Snapchat found a problem that they can’t seem to fix? The answer is unknown.

Snapchat for Android may not natively support Dark Mode, but you can take a different approach.

To compel Snapchat and all other applications to use Dark Mode, turn on “Android developer mode” and use “Settings.” The OS’s Dark Mode setting may change several of an app’s visible features, including Snapchat.

Note: It appears that forcing the OS's Dark Mode will not work for Snapchat on Android 10 and newer. Perhaps Android versions 9 and before were used for Snapchat's Dark Mode on Android. The response is still a mystery.

Here’s how to give it a try and see if it works for you.

1. On your screen, swipe downward and click the “gear icon” (Settings) on the upper right.

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2. Select “Display.”

3. Switch on “Dark theme.” It can show up as “Dark mode” on some phones.

4. Reopen “Settings” and select “System.”

5. Select “Developer options” from the “Advanced” dropdown menu by tapping on it.

6. To enable the feature, tap “Override force-dark” after scrolling to the “HARDWARE ACCELERATED RENDERING” section.

While “Force Dark Mode” in the “Display” options menu has been replaced, the “Override force-dark” setting in “Developer options” is remarkably similar. Dark mode is “forced” to always be enabled in “Override force-dark” so that programmes use the system’s dark mode option rather than the app’s settings.

This situation arises because the outdated “Force Dark Mode” feature in the “display” settings is now referred to as “Dark theme,” which might not function properly for all apps and never goes off by itself. However, Snapchat does not go black for some reason.

There are a few obsolete alternatives for Android that still force Snapchat to run in Dark Mode. One is the straightforward to install and use “Substratum” programme. However, in order for Substratum to function, your Android device must be rooted.

While “Blue Light Filter,” a different software that can be found in the Play Store, doesn’t provide Snapchat access to Dark Mode, it does let you adjust the harsh lights that are emitted from your phone’s screen. The Blue Light Filter programme functions as a film over the display and does not require rooting your Android device. The non-intrusive Blue Light Filter is a good option if you want to lessen the harsh lights on Snapchat.

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Some FAQ’s

More inquiries about Snapchat’s Dark Mode and its responses are shown below.

Is battery life increased by Dark Mode?

The majority of people who switch to a darker theme discover that it extends the battery life of their device. When wanting to conserve battery life, using a lighter one is not the greatest choice because it uses more battery to power the vibrant colours.

Will Snapchat ever introduce Dark Mode for Android users?

This question’s current response is that it’s conceivable. Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t officially confirmed the darker style for Android users even as of the beginning of 2022.

Of course, if you use Android, you can contact the developers and ask for Dark Mode. Simply launch the Snapchat Settings app and select “I Have a Suggestion.” After completing the form, click “Submit.” The more users who ask for the feature, the higher the likelihood that Snapchat will give it priority.

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