How to Find Your Instagram URL (2022)

Sometimes finding a person on Instagram can be difficult. However, a person can locate your profile without hassle if they have your Instagram profile URL. We will show you how you can find your Instagram URL and share it with your friends.

Let’s see how to get your profile link on Instagram.  

Find Your Instagram Profile Link on Desktop

Step1: Use your desktop browser to log into the Instagram website.

Step2: Click your profile picture in the top-right section of the computer screen.

Step3: Hover your mouse over the Profile option and right-click on it.

Step4: Select Copy link address.

You now have your Instagram profile link. You can paste it into an appropriate place and share it with others. Other people can access your Instagram profile page by clicking the link.

You can also find your Instagram profile link on the Instagram app. However, finding your profile link on the Instagram app is slightly more indirect than finding the link on a desktop.

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You cannot copy your Instagram profile link on your mobile device. But there are still indirect ways to find your Instagram profile link on the Instagram app.  

Get Your Instagram Profile Link on Mobile

Step1: Open the Instagram app and hit your profile icon in the bottom menu.

Step2: Note your username at the top of your Instagram profile page.

Step3: To create your Instagram profile link, replace the term username with your actual username in “”

You have successfully generated your Instagram profile link. Feel free to share the link with others and help them visit your Instagram profile.

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