Why Are My Snapchat Videos Blurry? How To Fix It?

Why Are My Snapchat Videos Blurry? How To Fix It?

Do you observe fuzzy Snapchat videos or uploaded movies of lesser quality than what your phone is capable of producing? You won’t need to worry; this post will show you how to fix fuzzy Snapchat videos.

Why are the videos on Snapchat blurry?

You are not alone in questioning why Snapchat affects video quality; this happens frequently. You will see that there is just the option of standard or low when setting the default video quality on Snapchat after using your Snapchat login and navigating to the settings page.

This is due to the fact that Snapchat uses a variety of compression algorithms when you post your videos in order to save time. The more compressed the video is, the quicker it uploads and the less bandwidth it needs.

Unfortunately, the compression is lossy, which means that the video quality will decline after it has been compressed and uploaded.

A fuzzy video on Snapchat could happen for a variety of reasons. The following are some primary causes:

New iOS Updates

It has been noted that certain users may have the problem of fuzzy videos on Snapchat when they update their software. Users of iPhones typically encountered this problem after updating to iOS 14. The upgrade’s compatibility is the cause of this. Simply put, the operating system upgrade cannot yet be supported by the Snapchat application. As a result, some of the application’s features might not operate as they did in the past. You may be experiencing a problem with hazy videos on Snapchat because of this.

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No HD Option on Snapchat

Lack of a High Definition option on Snapchat is one of the main factors that could cause your video quality on Snapchat to behave inconsistently. You did really hear correctly. By accessing the settings section of your Snapchat app and checking the default video quality level, you can also confirm this information. The fact that standard and low are your only choices may surprise you. This is due to the fact that the Snapchat app uses several video compression techniques to speed up video uploading. Low cost is the other component of this decreased quality. The video file size has an impact on how much bandwidth is used. Even though you are utilising a high-end mobile phone, your video ends up being distorted as a result.

Poor Internet connection

As you may be aware, Snapchat is an Internet-based program. You could notice some hiccups in this application’s operation if the internet connection is unstable. This could be the cause of your video’s inaccurate processing, which is why it appears shaky or blurry.

How to Fix a Blurry Video on Snapchat

Although the issues listed above can seem complicated, they are not that difficult to fix. To make sure your video is clear and steady, take the following steps:

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Stable Internet connection

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection first. Snapchat requires a quick and reliable internet connection because it operates online. Additionally, you can choose between Wi-Fi and mobile data to watch how the application behaves. If one of these two fixes the issue, your internet connectivity was the problem.

Reboot Your Phone (Device)

Restarting the gadget is one of the simplest and most frequent ways to fix any software issue. Apps should be disabled, and your device should be shut down for a while before you restart. Since it refreshes the memory, some issues might be resolved on their own, while others might require some assistance.

Update Snapchat Application

You will undoubtedly experience some issues if you are still using an older version of Snapchat. Update the Snapchat app to ensure that these issues are resolved. The app offers these updates to get rid of bugs and improve the program’s general functionality and features. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone to update the app.

Clear Cache and Data of Snapchat

You can also open the Snapchat application once more. Remove the Snapchat cache memory first, though. Tap Snapchat once more to launch it from scratch after deleting it from the cache.

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Uninstall Snapchat and Re-Install it Again

The last resort is to delete Snapchat and reinstall it if all else fails. The cache files that might have been the cause of your app’s camera not functioning correctly are likewise deleted when the app is deleted. You shouldn’t worry too much because your streaks won’t be impacted. They’ll be saved in your profile, which you may access again by logging in with your username and password.

Some Quick FAQ’s on Snapchat Video Quality

How can I improve the quality of the Snapchat camera on my Android device?

When it comes to Snapchat, Android phones lag well behind iPhone cameras. This is due to how simple it is to create an iPhone application. Numerous phones with various screen sizes, resolutions, and Android versions are available. Therefore, creating a universal app for all of them is not that simple. If you use an Android device, there isn’t much you can do to enhance the overall quality of your Snapchat camera.

Can I chnage the quality of a video on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, you can alter the video quality. But there aren’t many choices. Open the Snapchat settings menu. Choose video settings in the “Advanced” section by scrolling down. Next, choose “Video Quality” and then between Standard, Low, and Automatic.

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