Not Able to Login on Instagram: How to Fix the Instagram Login Issue on Instagram

Not Able to Login on Instagram: How to Fix the Instagram Login Issue on Instagram

Many Instagram users have recently complained that the application won’t let them login into their accounts. However, why does this occur, and how can the issue be resolved? If this has happened to you, here are some solutions for Instagram login issues.

4 Typical Instagram Login Problems

The Instagram down status is the main cause of your inability to log in right now. You should use Downdetector to see if Instagram is currently unavailable because it mostly prevents people from logging in.

  1. We apologize; there was an issue with your request. Try one more later, please.
  2. We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram. Check Your Internet Connection Before Trying Again.
  3. You were unable to log into Instagram. Do try once more shortly.
  4. Instagram runtime error

Many Instagram users have complained that they are unable to access their accounts and are constantly receiving errors stating that Instagram has ceased working. The Instagram app itself may be the primary cause of this bug and not user behaviour. In order to fix it, you must wait a few hours or even days for Instagram to return to normal.

While waiting, you can see if other people are experiencing the same problems by visiting

To log in, you must attempt a different method. There are numerous causes why why you might be unable to access Instagram. For instance, your Internet connection can occasionally be down or the Instagram servers might be inaccessible. But from what specific source does the issue stem? By looking at the following explanations, you should be able to understand why you are unable to access Instagram and check it.

Why am I unable to log into Instagram?

The most frequent causes of Instagram account login issues are listed below.

But I experienced the same thing, and after a little while I was able to log in without resetting the password.

Therefore, if you already have a password and can log in, do not change it. If you log in to Instagram using a known device, the issue will be resolved.

Instagram is down

The Instagram down status is the main cause of your inability to log in.

This is the easiest approach; Downdetector is another option. Following are the procedures to use this website’s Instagram server status checker.

One of the greatest tools for monitoring the health of application servers that deliver information in real-time is the Downdetector website. For instance, you can find out in-depth information on the Instagram application’s status for the previous 24 hours. If the chart shows a spike, you should wait a few hours for Instagram to return to normal operation.

As we previously said, Instagram login issues can occasionally be brought on by issues with the application’s main servers. You need to open your browser in this situation, type in your Instagram address, and then wait to see if Instagram loads or not to figure out where the issue is coming from.

Most user issues submitted by a certain service, like Instagram, are listed together with troubleshooting techniques to make your assessment easier.

If there was a problem with the Instagram servers, you should open the app again a few hours later and log in to fix the issue and be able to access your account.

You’re not connected to the Internet

Double-checking your internet connection is very worthwhile. It is preferable to turn on Mobile Data if you are using WiFi, and vice versa. Retry with a different connection.

You’re using Instagram app

It’s best to switch devices and check Instagram on a computer if you can’t log into the Instagram app. If you experience the same issue, Instagram most likely has a bug.

Your login information is incorrect

Let’s begin with the most fundamental issue first. Do you accurately enter your account details when entering into Instagram? The issue is quickly fixed if the error you get suggests that you are entering your username or password incorrectly.

Your password is incorrect

After carefully verifying the password, you go to the Instagram login page. Why don’t you add a second letter to it? Please avoid using capital or lowercase letters. It can occasionally be difficult to type a single letter as part of your password. Therefore, be sure to carefully type your password again.

You signed in with “@” in the username

@ is NOT appropriate to use in the username field. Although mentioning other users may be accurate within the Instagram app, doing so may result in a login issue.

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Username not Found

Check your username for errors. It is occasionally possible to misspell words or insert an additional space in a string of characters. To fix this issue, simply retype the items in the username and password sections.

You’re using auto-fill

The auto-filled username and password settings should be deleted to fix the Instagram login issue. Suppose you’ve enabled the browser’s or your phone’s auto-fill feature for usernames and passwords, but you previously saved your username or password erroneously. You’ll probably have problems logging in to Instagram in such situation. You can solve this issue by turning off autofill on your phone, or you can remove the input data and enter them again.

How can the Instagram login issues be fixed?

If, despite trying all of the aforementioned solutions, you are still unable to log into Instagram, you can check the next few steps to determine if your issue has been resolved. If you get the Your account may be disabled message, please check your username and try again.

Determine whether Instagram’s server is down

When Instagram is down, most login issues occur. Therefore, you should give it a few hours before trying again. So, give Instagram a couple of hours to fix its server.

Verify your Instagram username

You may have typed your username or password incorrectly if you run into an incorrect username issue. But if that’s not the case, how am I supposed to figure out the username? You can recover your forgotten username using the methods listed below.

  1. To begin with, sign in to the email account you registered for Instagram.
  2. Do a search for Instagram in your email’s inbox. You may view every email that Instagram has ever sent you.
  3. Find the first welcome email Instagram sends you to register an account in this list.
  4. Your username may be found at this email address.
  5. There is only one way to access Instagram without a username if you deleted this email. It works just as well to use the email or phone number you used to sign up for Instagram. You can use the username area to enter your email address and the password you can remember.
  6. If you can use this information to log into your Instagram account, you can view your username in the profile section and save it for further logins.

Reset Instagram Password with Email

We’ll suppose that you’ve forgotten your Instagram password in the scenario below. There are numerous solutions available, therefore do not panic since this issue affects many customers. You need to change your Instagram password in this situation.

  1. Start by launching the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Tap “Get help with signing in” (for Android) or “forgot password” (for iPhone) on the login screen.
  3. Next, enter the username or email address that you are sure corresponds to the account whose password has been lost.
  4. Select “Next” by clicking.
  5. Remember that you will receive an email saying that your Instagram password has been changed if your password reset is successful.

If you change your password, you will no longer experience problems logging onto Instagram and can continue using the same password.

Login into Instagram by Resetting your Password with SMS code

Let’s say you lose access to your email because you forgot it. What approach should be taken then to recover the Instagram password or resolve the Instagram login issue?

If you have previously registered your phone number in your account, you can use it to log in and reset your password.

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone first.
  2. Click “get help with signing” for Android or “forgot password” for iPhone on the login page.
  3. You will see two options to reset your password with a phone number or username in the following section.
  4. Selecting the phone option in this section will take you to the following action.
  5. Keep an eye out for the SMS to arrive.
  6. There are two options: Instagram will send you a six-digit code, or your SMS provider will send you a direct login link. In all situations, you must open the SMS and use its instructions to get into Instagram.
  7. Finally, you can visit the password changing page and select a new one for yourself. The procedures below might be used if you are still having problems signing into Instagram.
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Access Instagram on a PC

Logging in through the Instagram website is another approach to resolve the Can’t login to Instagram account issue. In this manner, you can determine whether the Instagram app, the phone, or another issue is at fault.

Check if there is a login issue by accessing this application using the direct Instagram login URL in the browser.

Although there are variations when sending a story or post to the browser version of Instagram, it is the same as the app.

The Instagram browser extension runs slower than the Instagram application and lacks numerous features. Of course, the Instagram app has a lot of issues, making updates more challenging than with the browser-based version.

By opening a tonne of applications simultaneously, harmful data may have been introduced into the operating system of several cellphones. Other programmes on the phone will have issues if this data is not closed out of memory. You may occasionally experience issues or glitches that prohibit you from signing into Instagram.

These flaws can be removed in several methods, which we shall outline below.

The first step in troubleshooting whether you use a PC or laptop to log into Instagram is to reload the Instagram page.

  1. To reload the page, tap the Reload button on the browser.
  2. On Windows, pressing CTRL + R will refresh the browser’s window.

Update the Instagram app to fix the Instagram login issue

The Instagram app is not updated with the final version, which is another issue that keeps you from accessing your Instagram account. Updates for the Android and iOS operating systems can immediately solve the issue.

Follow these instructions on an Android or iOS phone to accomplish this:

  1. Start by going to the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  2. Use the search function in both applications to look for the word Instagram.
  3. then look for the app and launch it.
  4. The app should have a link to an update option. To update the app, click it.

Reload the website and Clear cache

How can the browser bug problem be resolved if it is data-cached? There is a universal approach in this situation for all web browsers on the desktop or laptop.

  1. You can erase the browser cache for this page in Windows for the majority of browsers by repeatedly pressing CTRL + F5 while on the Instagram page.
  2. To completely erase the Instagram browser cache on a Mac, press the COMMAND + OPTION + R buttons at the same time when using the Safari browser.

Restart the Instagram application

Restarting the Instagram mobile app will solve any issues it may be experiencing.

  1. Start by closing the Instagram app or removing it from Android’s recent applications list.
  2. You may also enter the app information on Android devices by holding down on the Instagram application icon and selecting the Force stop option. In most cases, this closes and opens Instagram.
  3. To fix the Can’t log in to Instagram issue after that, launch the Instagram app on your phone once more.
  4. If you have provided your mobile phone in this part, you will receive an SMS with a link to log into your account and reset your password. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password if you are signed in using your email address. It must be opened, and you must click the link on the email page.

Following the guidelines on the screen, you may then establish a new password.

Use a device you have used before to Log In

In most cases, Instagram won’t let you login if you are using a new device. Therefore, it’s best if you log in to Instagram using a device you frequently use. Reset your password by selecting Forgot Password or Need More Help.

Restart your device

Let’s say the approach described in the previous step is ineffective and you are certain the operating system flaw is the exact cause of the issue. You can then restart the operating system directly.

When this happens, it is required to restart the device and start all operating system processes over from scratch. This can happen with both Android and iOS operating systems.

By restarting and initiating these background processes’ procedure from scratch, they are removed from the device. Of course, there are a variety of methods for restarting Android and iOS phones, but the instructions listed below will work for both.

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Restarting iOS devices

  1. To begin, on iPhones, press and hold the Power button while you wait for the Slide to power off the window to display.
  2. The device must then be turned off by dragging the slider.
  3. Press the power button once more to turn the gadget back on after it has been turned off.
  4. Open the Instagram app on your phone to see if the issue with not being able to log in to the account has been fixed or not.

Restarting Android devices

  1. First, for Android phones, briefly hold down the power button.
  2. A menu will then appear for you.
  3. To restart the device, select the Restart option from this area.
  4. Open Instagram to see if the issue has been fixed before closing it.

Log up with Facebook to Instagram

If you can’t connect into Instagram, another solution is to use Facebook to log in rather than a username and password. Of course, Facebook and your account need to be linked. If not, you cannot accomplish this. Naturally, if you encounter the “Sorry. You can also use this procedure if you got the message “There was a problem with your request.”

How can Instagram login problems be avoided?

If the issue can be resolved, you should consider strategies to keep it from occurring again. So, here are several methods to stop receiving the error message “Can’t log in to Instagram.” Additionally, make an effort to recall every approach you have previously employed.

Link your Instagram Account With Facebook accounts

You can now link your Instagram account to Facebook if you haven’t already. First, you need a Facebook account. Log into Facebook if you don’t already have an account there, or make one if you don’t if you don’t have one.

You can link it to your Instagram account using the following after registering (or if you already have) an account.

  1. Click the hamburger menu at the top of your Instagram page once it is open.
  2. then select Settings from the menu’s bottom.
  3. The Account Center menu will then appear beneath the Facebook option.
  4. You can click Add accounts from here to access the Logging in across accounts menu.
  5. then click Continue after providing the details for your Facebook account.

As of now, you can link your Facebook account to Instagram. But how can you fix the issue by logging into Facebook if you afterwards had trouble logging in to Instagram? To do this, adhere to the procedures below.

  1. First, use your browser to access the Instagram website. It is irrelevant which browser you use.
  2. then utilise your account to access Instagram.
  3. Go to Profile from this part, click the hamburger menu symbol, then select the Account section by typing Settings.
  4. The Linked Accounts option is located at the bottom of the Accounts section. Any Facebook account should be separated from Instagram here.
  5. Re-visit Facebook and register a new account. Of course, a new account can just fill out the necessary information; pictures and other materials are not required.
  6. Re-log into your Instagram account from a different device.
  7. Now link your Facebook account you just made to your Instagram account.
  8. Clear the Instagram app’s cache on the main device next.
  9. Activate Instagram again.
  10. Finally, use your Facebook account to log into Instagram. You must select the Login with a Facebook Account option on the Instagram login page.

Obviously, this method is a little difficult, and there may be some difficulties along the road, but do your best to work through them. You can contact Instagram’s support team via email if you have any issues.

Final Words

In order to show how you can quickly get into your account, we looked at ten solutions to the problem of being unable to enter your Instagram account. Please provide your thoughts on how to address the problem if you have ever run into one of these issues and were able to do so using the information in this post. Using the fake Instagram post generator provided by FakeInfo, you may make a phony Instagram post without downloading any apps to your smartphone.

Last but not least, you can read Instamber articles if you’re interested in finding out how to expand your Instagram account or resolve other Instagram problems! Please feel free to post your query in the comments.

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