How to Fix Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing

How to Fix Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing

Youtube has become an integral part of our life today. Youtube plays a vital role for every individual as we use it for watching some specific videos. What if you are not able to watch the video despite having a good internet connection?

Well, if you are unable to watch videos on youtube because they are loading but not playing, then you need not worry about it as I am here to help you out.

In this post, I would be explaining How to Fix Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing so that you would be able to watch the videos without any issue.

This is a minor issue and takes just a few steps to resolve, however, it can sometimes be difficult to resolve the issue.

Considering that, I have found out some best methods to help you fix the issue. You can start with the first method and skip to the other if it doesn’t work in your case.

How to Resolve Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing

If you are disturbed with youtube videos loading and not playing even after connecting to the best network, you should not be stressed anymore. I am here with the best working methods to help you resolve your problem.

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Try out the following steps to play your youtube video.

Update the Youtube Application to the Latest Version

The updates of the applications are rolled out with the view of removing bugs, improving performance and the user interface of that application.

In some cases, with the older version, the application does not work to the best. Hence, updating the application to its latest version would help you resolve the problem.

Changing Your Network Connection

It is not necessary that all the times the problem is at the end of the application itself, sometimes the problem is our end too.

As youtube is an application that uses an internet connection for loading videos that are not downloaded previously, the videos sometimes doesn’t play when the internet connection at your end is not stable.

Hence, you must first check if this is not the problem by connecting to any other network.

You can try out the other troubleshooters if your internet connection is good and the problem is not at your end.

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Turn on Airplane (Flight) Mode on Your Mobile

In most cases, your youtube video doesn’t play because of some network error. Hence, the first thing we should try out while encountering this type of problem is to Switch off the Data Connection on our mobile and then Turn it On again.

To make this more effective, we can Turn On the Airplane Mode on our mobile. The Airplane mode works the best in most cases.

If this doesn’t work for you, try out the other methods as explained below.

Restart Your Mobile Device

If enabling the Flight Mode does not work for you and the videos on youtube are still only loading and not playing, then Restart Your Mobile.

For most of the issues related to applications on your mobile device, Restarting your device would help you resolve the problem.

Clear Application’s Cache or Applications Data

If you are still facing the problem even after Restarting your device you should now try clearing Application Cache from the Application’s settings.

In case, the problem is not solved even after clearing the cache, you should try clearing the Application’s Data.

Note: Please note that clearing the Application's Cache does not affect the application's data, but clearing Application's Data would clear all the in app data and would reset the application as freshly installed application.

Uninstall the Application and Install it back Again

If any of the above-stated solutions don’t work for you, the last thing you can do to Fix Youtube Videos Loading But Not Playing is uninstalling the Youtube Application from your device and then installing it back again.

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With this, your problem should be resolved successfully and you would now be able to watch the videos on youtube normally.

This should not happen after trying the above methods. However, in any case, you are still facing this issue, you can reach out to the support team of youtube via email. You can also check out the support forum of youtube.

You would not require to do this as it is 99% sure that your problem would be fixed by trying out the above-stated troubleshooting methods.

I hope that I was able to provide the best possible solution to help you resolve your query.

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