How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok? – 2022

How To Get Unshadowbanned On TikTok

You as a TikTok user might have experienced that your videos/posts are not being shown to other users and your content on TikTok is not getting views, this is where you should check if TikTok has shadowbanned your account.

In this post, we would discuss what is shadowban on TikTok, how you can know if your account is shadowbanned by TikTok and how you can unshadowban your TikTok account.

What Is ShadowBan On TikTok? What Does Shadow Banned Mean?

A shadow Ban also known as Ghost Banning on TikTok is different from the regular normal Account Ban on TikTok. As the name itself suggests shadow ban is like banning the shadow of your TikTok Account in which your account keeps working, however, several algorithms and features of TikTok don’t work and you are not allowed to perform several actions.

When your account is shadowbanned, the content that you would be posting won’t be visible in the feed (discover) to the other users.

You may sometimes not be able to react to others’ videos too, neither like nor comment on others’ videos.

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Hence, it becomes important for you as a content creator to unshadowban your TikTok account so that your users would be able to see the recent videos that you post.

Here are some steps that you should try to unshadowban your account on TIkTok.

How to Get Unshadowbanned on Tiktok

If your TikTok Account has been shadow Banned by TikTok unlike the regular Ban, you can unshadowban it by trying out the following methods.

Method 1:- Uninstall and Re-Install the Tiktok Application

Sometimes, the cache stored in the TikTok application on your device causes some problems. So, the first option is to uninstall the application from the device and then reinstall it (You can also clear the cache from the application’s settings).

Method 2: Follow Community Guidelines

The main reason why TikTok shadowbans your account is you not following the community guidelines whiles posting content on your account or while using the TikTok application.

Always follow the community guidelines of TikTok and never post any inappropriate content on TikTok, if you’ve already posted such videos delete them by the latest.

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Method 3: Switch To TikTok Pro Account

With a Pro Account, you can easily monitor the analytics and reach of your content which would help you to know if your account is actually shadowbanned or not.

You can use Pro Account so that it helps you find out how to expand your audience.

Method 4: Avoid Spam Behavior On TikTok

When you post continuous content on TikTok or react to videos continuously, TikTok might consider it as spamming for which your account gets shadowbanned or even permanently banned.

Hence, avoid posting too many videos at once or reacting to others’ posts one by one without a gap of time.

Method 5: Contact TikTok Support

In case, the following methods don’t work for you, the last thing you can try is contacting TikTok support.

Why Does TikTok Shadow Ban Your Account?

There is no exact reason for which your account gets shadowbanned by TikTok, however, there are several reasons for which your account might be shadowbanned.

1. Posting Inappropriate content such as hate speech, nudity, fake news, using copyrighted music, drugs, etc.
2. Not Following the Community Guidelines of TikTok.
3. Spamming on TikTok and user’s content.

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How Long Does A TikTok Shadow Ban Lasts?

The length of TikTok’s shadow ban is not fixed. In most cases, TikTokshadowbans last for 24 hours after which your account would be unbanned. However, with the latest update in the TikTok algorithm, the length of TikTok shadowban is growing which can exceed up to 2 weeks.

How To Know If My Account is Shadow Banned by TikTok?

If your TikTok account has been shadowbanned you would come across the following through which you would come to know if your account is shadowbanned.

1. The views, comments, likes, and shares on your videos would start dropping.
2. Your video would not appear in a search result.
3. You would not appear on hashtags.
4. Your videos won’t show on the “For You Page”
5. You would not be able to react to others’ posts.
6. Sometimes, you won’t be able to post videos or tag other users.

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