How to Bold Text on WhatsApp Chats

Bold Text on WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging app on the internet today. People from all around the globe uses WhatsApp for chatting, sharing videos, memes, audio, voice notes, calls, video calls, etc.

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WhatsApp has been making the interface better with improved and new features into it. In this post, we would be particularly focusing on just one aspect of WhatsApp i.e., chatting.

We frequently used to share important things and points via WhatsApp to our friends, relatives, family, etc. Hence, it sometimes becomes very important for you to highlight some part of your text to draw the direct attention of the reader to that specific point.

Role of Bold Text on WhatsApp Chats

Bold text on WhatsApp chats is one of the ways of highlighting the text on WhatsApp. This becomes very important while sharing an important thing over WhatsApp chat.

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As we all know that headings and important points in any context are needed to be written in such a way that it is easily noticeable by the reader. Hence, it becomes important to highlight some parts of our text on WhatsApp so that the reader eyesight is easily captured.

There are several ways to highlight texts on WhatsApp chat. SOme of the most commonly used are as under.

In this post, we would be discussing how to bold text on WhatsApp chats. The other ways are shared on different posts respectively.

How to Bold Text on WhatsApp Chats

One way of highlighting your text on WhatsApp chat is by making it bold and we would discuss on how to do that exactly.

  1. Open your WhatsApp Messenger.
  2. Type the Text to be sent.
  3. Go to the portion of text which is to be highlighted.
  4. Add * (Star Sign) before and after the text that is to be highlighted.
  5. Your Text is now bold while other portion remains normal.
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To make the text in bold, you just need to add * (Star Sign) at the beginning and at the end.

For example:- *Your Text Here* = Your Text Here


I have mentioned the easiest and simplest ways of making WhatsApp chats in bold, italic, the reason for doing this is to make stand uniquely among the thousands so that our message reaches the person.

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