How to Save Yourself From Major Embarrassment while Chatting on WhatsApp

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In this post, we would update you with the new updated feature of WhatsApp which would help you to save yourself from major embarrassment while chatting with people over WhatsApp.

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While chatting on WhatsApp, I am sure that you have once or the other time faced embarrassment before the person with whom you’re chatting because of sending a wrong picture to a person which was supposed to be sent to others.

Earlier, while sending any image over WhatsApp we did not know whom the image was about to be sent. But, the situation has changed now, as WhatApp came with a new feature that avoids the confusion on the sender’s mind.

With the new feature, we are shown the name of the user or group to whom the image is about to be sent. This helps the user save themselves from facing the embarrassment of sending the wrong pictures to the wrong contacts.

You may say that we could easily figure out to whom the image is being sent with his or her profile picture (DP). This is where we often fall short and have to face embarrassment. There are users with no profile picture or similar profile picture which often creates confusion in our minds.

With the help of this new feature, we won’t be facing the fear of sending wrong pictures to the wrong contacts on our list as WhatsApp has now started showing the name of the user along with his or her profile picture (DP).

This gives us the double assurance of being safe and maintain our dignity without being embarassed.


I hope that you found this article helpful. This article was a tip and suggestion from my end for knowledge purposes. If you like this post, please share this with your close ones and help them avoid being embarrassed.

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