How to Share Spotify Lyrics on Instagram Story

Almost all music lovers including me use Spotify to listen to our favorite music. We sometimes, find some interesting lines from a song while listening to music on Spotify and want to share it on Instagram. In this post, we would explain How to Share Spotify Lyrics on Instagram Story.

Almost all of us use the Instagram application and frequently share stories and post in it. Similarly, we can also easily share the interesting lines of any song from Spotify on our Instagram stories.

It is simple and takes just some quick and simple steps to share lines of lyrics on our Instagram Stories.

We have explained the steps in detail below along with the answers to the problems you might be facing while trying to share the lyrics.

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Share Spotify Lyrics On Your Instagram Stories

Step 1: Open Spotify Application on your mobile (Install it if you don’t have)

Step 2: Search and Play the song whose lyrics you wish to share on Instagram Story.

Step 3: Scroll down or tap or Lyrics to view the lyrics of the song.

Share Spotify Lyrics on Instagram Story

Step 4: Tap the Share Button at the bottom.

Step 5: Select the lines of the lyrics you wish to share. You can select up to 5 lines by tapping on the lines.

Step 6: After the lines are selected and highlighted in black, tap on the Share Button in the end.

Share Spotify Lyrics on Instagram

Step 7: Select the desired application where you want to share the selected lines of the lyrics. In our case, choose Instagram from the available options.

Spotify Lyrics on Instagram Stories

Step 8: Tap on Your Story and the lines of the lyrics would be successfully shared on your Instagram Story.

Share Spotify Lyrics on Instagram Story

As you can see it is very simple to share the lyrics from Spotify in your Instagram stories.

Why is Share Spotify Lyrics On Instagram Option Missing?

Many users are facing an issue that Share Button For Lyrics Is Missing For IG Stories on Spotify. Why is this so?

Well, we have an answer to your query.

Spotify has stated that the sharing of lyrics is in the testing stage and hasn’t rolled out fully. And, hence the Share Button may not be available on all of the devices.

We have attached the snapshot of a conversation on the Spotify community.

The Question and the Answer to it.

Spotify Community Question - Spotify Lyrics Share Not Available
Spotify Community Answer - Spotify Lyrics Share Not Available

I hope that this article helped you and we were able to answer your query to the best possible. You may share this among your friends to help them out too.

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