how to use voice search on youtube samsung tv?


  1. First, you’ll need to be signed in to YouTube with your Google account. Then, from the main screen of your TV, go to YouTube > Search.
  2. On the following screen, type in what you want to search for and press the Enter key. You can also use the buttons on the remote control to access voice search.
  3. When you’re done searching, simply press the Back button on your remote control or press the Home button on your TV screen to go back to watching your video.

How To use YouTube Voice Search in Samsung Smart Tv [FULL DETAILS]

Samsung 65” TV how to use voice control youtube

How do I turn on voice search on YouTube on my smart TV?

This article is about how to turn on voice search on YouTube on your smart TV. Voice search is a feature that allows you to search for items using your voice. This can be useful if you want to watch a video on your phone but don’t want to have to open the app and type in the information. There are many ways to enable voice search on YouTube, but we’ll show you how to do it using the Google Home device.

How do I search YouTube on my Samsung Smart TV?

How to search YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV? If you’re looking for a way to watch the latest videos and pictures on your television, then a Google search is the perfect way to go. However, if you want to find specific content or start a channel from scratch, then using YouTube’s search bar may be more efficient for you.

To search YouTube using your Smart TV: 1. Open the Samsung Smart TV app . This can be found on your home screen or in the menu at the bottom of every screen. 2. Type “youtube” into the main search bar at the top of the screen (or press Alt+F2). 3. Press Enter to return to the main page where you can continue browsing through videos and pictures. 4.

Can I voice search on YouTube?

If you’re like most YouTube viewers, you probably use the site to watch videos and search for content. And, of course, one of the best ways to find what you’re looking for is with voice search.

But is voice search available on YouTube? The short answer is yes, but it’s not always reliable. In fact, some people say that it’s often inaccurate or doesn’t work at all. So if you’re looking to use voice search on YouTube, be prepared for some disappointment.

That said, there are a few things you can do to make sure your search results are as accurate as possible. For example, make sure your microphone is turned on and plugged in correctly. Also try pronouncing the words exactly how they appear in the title of the video you’re searching for – this can help improve accuracy.

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How do I turn on voice search on YouTube on my LG Smart TV?

Voice search on YouTube is a great feature that allows you to search for videos and music by voice. To use voice search, open YouTube and sign in with your account. Once you are signed in, go to the Videos tab and select the video you want to watch or listen to. Click on the microphone in the top left corner of the screen and speak into the mic to start searching for videos. To find music, select the Music tab and click on the speaker icon next to each song you want to listen to.

How do I use voice search on my Samsung Smart TV?

Voice search on your Samsung Smart TV is a great way to find what you are looking for. To use voice search, open the Samsung Smart TV app and sign in with your account. Then type in a keyword or phrase and the TV will search through its library of content to find what you need. You can also use voice search to browse through shows, movies, or music by using the voice commands that come with the app.

How do I activate voice recognition on my Samsung Smart TV?

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can activate voice recognition by following these steps:

  1. Go to the menu and select System > Language & Input > Voice Recognition.
  2. Enter your PIN or sign in with your Samsung account and press OK.
  3. If you have activated voice recognition on other devices, your TV will try to load the recognizer settings from those devices. If that fails, it will ask you to create a new recognizer configuration.
  4. You can now use voice recognition to search for content, control playback, and more.

How do you update YouTube on Samsung smart TV?

YouTube is a powerful video streaming platform that can be used on smart TVs. To keep YouTube up and running on a Samsung smart TV, you’ll need to update it. There are a few ways to do this, but the most common way is to use the web browser on your smart TV and type in “update YouTube.” After you’ve updated YouTube, you’ll need to sign in with your YouTube account and select “Update Now.” Once that’s done, you’ll see an update message box appear. Type in the information that’s included in the box and hit “Update.

Why is YouTube not working on my Samsung smart TV?

There are a few possible reasons why YouTube might not be working on your Samsung smart TV. One reason could be that your TV is not compatible with YouTube’s content delivery network, or that the YouTube app is not installed on your device.

Another possibility is that you have an issue with the YouTube app itself. If you’re having trouble streaming videos, or if you’re just experiencing poor video quality, then it may be worth checking out our guide to fixing YouTube issues on Samsung smart TVs.

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What remote do you use for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a great way to watch live TV without having to deal with cable. However, there are a lot of different ways to watch YouTube TV and the remote that you use can make or break your experience. Here is a list of the best remotes for using YouTube TV.

  1. The Google Home app is the best way to control YouTube TV with your voice. You can use it to search for shows and movies, and even pause, play, and change channels right from your living room.
  2. The Amazon Fire Stick is another great option for controlling YouTube TV with your voice. You can use it to search for shows and movies, pause, play, and change channels just like the Google Home app.
  3. If you want something that you can take with you wherever you go, the AppleTV remote is perfect for you.

Does YouTube TV have a voice remote control?

Does YouTube TV have a voice remote control? If you’re one of the many people who use a voice remote control to navigate their TV, then the answer is likely no. The majority of YouTube TV’s functionality can be controlled using the on-screen menus or through the Google Assistant. While it would be nice to be able to speak commands directly to YouTube TV, this is not currently possible.

How do I use voice commands on YouTube?

Voice commands are a way to interact with YouTube through your voice. You can use them to control playback, add comments, and more. Here’s how to get started:
Open YouTube and sign in using your Google account.
Type “voice command” into the search bar at the top of the main screen, and press “Enter.”
For example, if you want to play a video in fullscreen mode, type “fullscreen vs” into the search bar and press “Enter.”
If you want to add a Comment, type “comment” into the search bar and press “Enter.”
Type “exit” or “q” to exit out of voice commands for the current channel or video.

How do I turn on voice assistant on YouTube?

If you want to use voice assistant on YouTube, then you need to be sure that your computer is compatible with it. If not, make sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome and YouTube’s Web app installed. Once you have both of these things installed, open the Chrome browser and type the following into the address bar: After entering this URL, click on the green button in the top right corner of your browser window to start using voice assistant on YouTube.

How do I add Google Assistant to my Samsung TV?

Google Assistant is a voice assistant that can be found on many devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and now TVs. If you have a Samsung TV and are looking to add Google Assistant to it, there are a few simple steps that you can take.
“First, open the Google Home app on your phone or TV. From there, sign in with your Google account. Next, select the Setting icon in the top left corner of the Home screen.”
Once you’re in the Google Home app, select the Settings icon and then under “More settings,” select “Assistant.”
“Now scroll down to ‘Voice input & control’ and tap on it. Under ‘Assistants,’ you’ll see ‘Google Assistant.’ Tap on it to activate.

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Can Google Assistant turn on my Samsung TV?

Google has been gradually increasing its presence on smart TVs since it bought Motorola Mobility in 2014. In a recent blog post, Google revealed that it is working on some “integrated features” for Samsung TVs that will make using the assistant easier.
First and foremost, the assistant will be able to control your TV’s built-in speakers and media players. You can also use voice commands to get information about channels, play music, or set up phone notifications for specific events. Finally, you can ask the assistant to turn on or off your TV.
If all of this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry; Google is always making improvements to its Assistant technology so that it becomes even better. In the meantime, we recommend testing out Google Assistant on your TV before you actually buy one.

Why does my microphone not work on YouTube?

If you’re experiencing a problem with your microphone on YouTube, here are some tips to help resolve it. First, check the device’s settings and make sure that it’s enabled for talkback. If it isn’t, try changing the mic volume or channel. If that doesn’t work, then try unplugging the device for a few minutes and plugging it back in again. Finally, make sure that your computer is connected to your YouTube account and your YouTube video feed is online.

How do I use Google Assistant on my smart TV?

If you have a Google Home or Android TV box, you can use the voice search feature to find programming and other information. You can also control your smart TV with voice commands. Here’s how to do it:
First, say “OK Google, what can I watch on TV?” To get started, ask Google what’s currently playing on another device in your house—like your phone or tablet.
If you’re using a home theater system with optical audio output (like most TVs), simply say “OK Google, play [show title]” to start watching right away. For example, if you want to watch “The Office” on your smart TV, just say “OK Google, play The Office.”

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