How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram [2022]

Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Has someone blocked you on Instagram? Are you noticing the absence of certain posts in your Instagram feed?

If yes, then there can be two possibilities. One where the person has not posted for quite long. The next is where people might have blocked you.

In this blog, we would discuss if we could Know whether Someone Blocked You On Instagram.

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Can You See The Person Who Blocked You On Instagram

If you are blocked from the Instagram account of any profile then you will not be able to find the person.

Yes, this means there will be no visibility of the particular profile.

Yes, you would be able to know that the person has blocked you, but in no case, you would be able to view his profile after he/she has blocked you.

How To Find If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

If you are in dilemma or looking to find an answer on knowing if you are being blocked by someone then it is not too tough.

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There is an easy way to know no matter which version of the Instagram app you have.

If you want to know whether you have been blocked then simply search for the respective account on Instagram.

Now there can be two cases-

One is where the account is private and you cannot find it. This means you have been blocked from the account.

In the second case if the account is public and while visiting their page you are unable to see their posts. This shows no post yet and it means you are blocked.

Also, in the case where you will not be able to find the account as well.

All of these above condition shows that you have been blocked.

How Do You Know Whether Someone Has Blocked You Or Not

If you want to know whether you have been blocked or not then there are ways. Fortunately, Instagram has ways to let you know about the conditions.

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If you do not see the post of the individual you think you are blocked by that user.

You are unable to send a message. Try sending a message to the user and if you are not able to send a message or the message is not being delivered, you can conclude that the user might have blocked you.

Also, the other way is you can take your friend’s phone and search for the person. If you are able to see the person in your friend’s account then you can be easily confirmed that you have been blocked.

The above mentioned are the ways through which you can help yourself know whether you are blocked or not.

Also, Instagram does not send any notifications for blocked accounts. In that case you itself have to find out the condition.

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