How to Leave A Facebook Group 2022

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Facebook groups give you a great chance to connect with people of similar interests on Facebook. However, people’s interests change over time. So, you may find that you no longer want to be a member of a particular Facebook group that you joined ages ago. Thankfully, you are in full control of joining or leaving any group on Facebook. 

We will explain in this article how to leave a Facebook group.

How to Leave a Facebook Group on Mobile

Here is a quick guide that will show you how to leave a Facebook group using the Facebook mobile app. You can use the following steps to leave a Facebook group on both Android devices and iPhones.

Step1: Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device and tap the Hamburger menu.

Step2: Tap the Groups option from the menu and then select Your groups. You may need to tap on See more to reveal the Groups option.

Step3: After tapping Your groups, locate the Facebook group you want to leave from the list of all the groups you have joined on Facebook.

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Step4: Tap the three small dots in the top-right of the group you want to leave and select the Leave Group option.

You have successfully left the Facebook group you wanted to leave. Once you leave a particular Facebook group, you stop getting group notifications and group posts in your feed.

Does the Admin Know if you leave a Facebook group?

No, nobody gets notified if you leave a Facebook group. So, even the admin of the group would not know if you left a particular group on Facebook. However, the admin and other members will know you have left the Facebook group if they try to find your name in the group.

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