How to Let Snapchat Access Camera (2022)

Sometimes people see an error message when they try to take pictures or videos on Snapchat. The message says that Snapchat does not have access to use your device’s camera. Luckily you can get rid of the error message by allowing Snapchat access to your camera.

We will cover in this article how to let Snapchat access your device’s camera.

On Android

Step1: Head into your device’s Settings, then tap Apps.

Step2: Select Snapchat from the list of apps. You may have to tap All Apps first to find the Snapchat app in the list.

Step3: Tap Permissions, then choose Camera.

Step4: Select Allow only while using the app to make your privacy more secure.

Step5: Launch the Snapchat app and use the camera icon to capture Snaps.

The error message about giving Snapchat access to your camera will no longer disturb you.

On iPhone

Step1: Launch Settings on your iPhone.

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Step2: Select Privacy, then choose Camera.

Step3: Tap the toggle next to Snapchat to permit it to access your camera.

The camera access error will cease to appear on Snapchat. You can now take pictures and videos on Snapchat without interruptions.

You can also give Snapchat permission to access your camera by making changes in the Snapchat app Settings.

On Snapchat 

Step1: Launch the Snapchat app and visit your profile section by tapping your bitmoji.

Step2: Tap the cog icon to open the Snapchat Settings menu.

Step3: Select Manage under the Additional Services section. This step only applies to iOS devices.

Step4: Select permissions.

Step5: Tap Camera.

Snapchat now has permission to use your device’s camera. You will no longer see camera access error messages while taking snaps.

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