How to Make a Photo Collage in an Instagram Story [2022]

How to Make a Photo Collage in an Instagram Story

Creating stories on Instagram is the new buzz. These instantaneous glimpses of your day really give a boost to your follower count and increase your in-app presence.

To add to that, Instagram Stories always has options of flaunting new ways to try their different features which make your snapshots and videos seem way more interesting and amusing.

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One such feature is the photo collage. Be it a special day with multiple special moments with your loved ones, or just a feature that you want to put up for your followers, the Photo Collage feature allows you to organize and classify your media content on Instagram.

Let us know, how exactly we can create a collage in an Instagram story.

How to Create an Instagram Collage using Stickers

Using Instagram’s “sticker” option is the easiest way to put up a photo collage on your story. You can flip backgrounds and add as many pictures as you want- format them, rotate them, and size them accordingly.

What’s more, you can also add music to their background and shade or use other visual effects. In order to use the “sticker” option on Instagram to make a collage on your Story, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Open and Start using the Instagram Application.

Step 2: Swipe Right and select Story or you can also click on the + (plus) icon on the top left and then select story.

Add Story Post or Reels Button Instagram

Step 3: To add a background, hit the thumbnail icon on the bottom left to select an existing image or snap a new one. Place your camera face down on a surface if you want a black background.

Step 4: To access “Sticker” choices, slide up from the bottom of the background image (not the screen) or tap on the sticker icon.

Step 5: To access your phone’s Images/Camera Roll library, tap the “Gallery” icon adjacent to the “Camera” one in the sticker section as shown below.

How to Create an Instagram Collage using Stickers

Step 5: Select an image to include in your college, which will be used as a backdrop sticker. The image is now displayed over the background of your choice. Using two fingers, resize and rotate the image as needed, then drag it around to your desired location. Everything can be redone later if necessary.

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Create an Instagram Collage using Stickers

Hold down the image you want to delete and drag it down into the trash can symbol that appears.

Repeat with each image you’d like to include in your Instagram collage.

When you’re done, go to the bottom-left corner and tap “Your Story.”

To finish the process, simply follow the steps.

You can also alter your background in the early steps to make it stand out if you like!

Create an Instagram Collage Story using the Layout Option

The Instagram Layout tool allows you to create photographs using a variety of layouts and features, including the collage feature. However, there are certain restricted specific collage layouts that limit the number of photos you can use, such as a 2×2, 4×4, 3×3, or 1 x3 format.

Additionally, the feature prevents photos from being inserted in random areas or overlapping. The Instagram Layout option is the simplest of the collage options, with its own limitations. Here’s how to use the Layout option to make an Instagram collage Story:

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Step 1: From your smartphone, open the Instagram app. 

Step 2: Select “Your Story” on the top left. You can also Swipe Right and select Story or you can also click on the + (plus) icon on the top left and then select story.

Step 3: On the left-hand vertical menu, select the “Layout” icon as shown below.

Create an Instagram Collage Story using the Layout Option

Step 4: Choose your layout option, such as “1×3,” “4×4,” “3×3,” etc as shown below.

Create a Photo Collage on Instagram Story using the Layout Option

Step 5: Starting with the upper-left corner, choose your photos for each sector. Tap the gallery icon in the lower-left corner to add images, or tap the white circle to take a photo with your camera.

To confirm your selection, touch the “checkmark” button. Your photo will be included in the collage.

To add an image to each pre-arranged area of your collage, repeat “Steps 4-5.”.

Both the methods of adding a photo collage to an Instagram story are simple and easy, however, the layout option seems to be more effective. You can add yours with any of these.

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