How to Do The Nationality Challenge On Instagram & TikTok – 2022

In recent times, Instagram and Tiktok have been a platform for new trends, filters, and challenges. New trends and challenges are becoming newsworthy and allure the individuals towards it.

New trends and challenges are being introduced to social media platforms over the past few weeks which is covering the Internet to a great extent.

A new challenge “The Nationality Challenge” is now very popular and is trending in Instagram and TikTok after the recent trends like “Playback 2021“, “Recap 2021“, “Best 9 Photos“, 10 Year Challenge

In this post, I would explain to you what actually this challenge is about and how you can also perform this challenge.

What is the Nationality Challenge on Tiktok & Instagram

The nationality challenge on TikTok and Instagram is about creating a video of the user look like in different ethnicities like American, Mexican, Asian, Hispanic & many more.

This is an interesting and entertaining challenge as you would be able to see yourself in different cultures and ethnicity.

Like that of other trends and challenges, you would need an external application for the creation of your video with cultures of different nations.

How to Get the Nationality Challenge Filter

You can easily complete this challenge by creating your video with different nationalities with the help of the “FacePlay Application”. This application is available both on ios as well as android.

You need not worry about the video and filter as this application has a collection of video templates with the culture and nationality of different countries. All you need to do is to choose or capture your photo and select a template of your choice.

Note: Most of the templates are a part of the premium feature of this application. Vut, you can still use some free filters by watching an ad.

I have explained the full tutorial on doing the Nationality challenge on Instagram and Tiktok below.

How to Do the Nationality Challenge (Tutorial)

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Nationality challenge.

Step 1: Install the FacePlay Application on your mobile. You can install the same from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Step 2: Click on Get Started and select a photo (capture it if you want) and then tap on the Confirm Button.

Step 3: Close the subscription window that pops up by clicking on X.

Step 4: Select the nationality template that you wish to use for your nationality challenge.

Select a free template (template with video icon on the top as shown below). As this is a premium application, many templates are premium based and has premium icon on the top.

Do the Nationality Challenge On Instagram

Step 5: Connect the Faceplay application with your facebook or google account (google recommended). I would suggest you to create a differnt google account for such purposes.

How to Do the Nationality Challenge om Tiktok & Instagram

Step 6: Click on Add Face to add your face for the video.

Step 7: After adding the face, click on Confirm. If you wish to change the photo click on retake and choose another one which you want.

How to Get the Nationality Challenge Filter

You need not do anything else as the application would automatically replace the face in the video with the face you’ve chosen.

Click on the + (Plus) icon to add another face (photo).

Step 8: Tap on Start Making to create your nationality video. Click on Free on the pop up window to create the video without premium license.

How to Do the Nationality Challenge

You would have to watch an ad to create the video for free.

Step 9: Wait until your video is processed successfully. After your video is processed with your face in the template, you can wither save it to your device or share it on various social media platforms from there itself.

What is the Nationality Challenge on Tiktok & Instagram

Step 10: Repeat the same process to create other videos with diffrent ethnic templates.

You can also complete the challenge with a video with one single template or a combination of different templates.

If you wish to create videos with different templates, download all of the videos you created and them compile them as a single video using differnt video editing application like Inshot, Kinemaster, CapCut, etc.

One you’ve compiled all the vidoes, download it and save it to your device. You can edit the video as per your wish with differnet effects and filters while compiling.

Step 11: Share the video that you’ve saved on Instagram & Tiktok to be a part of this challenge.

In this way, you would be easily able to join and complete the nationlaity challenge on Instagram & Tiktok.

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