How to Pin Videos On TikTok 2022

How to Pin Videos On TikTok

It’s essential to give social media platforms new features if you want to keep users engaged. The majority of social networking apps, including TikTok, regularly release new features.

Here, I’m referring to a particular feature that users really value. Users can pin their movies to the top of their profiles using the pinning tool.

You may decide which of your best TikTok videos to pin to the top. A tag at the top of the video that you pin will show that it has been pinned.

How to Pin Your Videos to the Top on TikTok

You must make sure that your TikTok profile is visually appealing enough to draw in users. What could be better than choosing which films should be displayed first to make the best impression?

The process for pinning a video is outlined here.

Both iPhone and Android devices can use this.

Step 1: Start your device’s TikTok app.

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Step 2: Tap Profile in the lower right corner in step two.

Step 3: Browse through your profile to find the videos that have the most views or have the potential to draw in additional viewers.

Step 4: Tap to play the video, then tap the right-hand three dots.

Step 5: From the alternatives that are provided, choose the Pin button.

A maximum of three movies can be pinned to the top of your profile. By pinning your favourite TikToks, you may pick what looks nice on your profile and alter the layout.

Why to Pin A Video on TikTok?

Up to three TikToks can be pinned to the top of your profile on TikTok. When you do, the chosen video will rise to the top, altering the posts’ general chronological order. The pinned posts will always stay at the top, regardless of how many new posts you create.

The main purpose of pinning articles is to highlight your greatest videos so that any new users who visit your profile can view some of your best work right away.

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