Procedure to Apply & Activate Indian Bank Net Banking Facility

Procedure to Apply & Activate Indian Bank Net Banking Facility

Indian Bank is a state-owned bank headquartered in Chennai. Indian Bank has branches across the different parts of the country located in different states and regions.

Indian Bank, like that of other top Private and Government Banks, provides the facility of online net banking to facilitate banking transactions and to make it faster. Online Net banking improves the speed of transactions at our convenience.

What is Online Net Banking?

Internet Banking or Online Net Banking enables Retail Banking customers to operate their banking transactions and accounts from anywhere anytime. Online Net Banking allows the customer to manage their banking activities from their desktop or mobile with the help of an internet connection.

Online Net Banking removes the restrictions arising out of geography and time. Procedure for Activating Net Banking Facility for Indian Bank CustomersThe customers of the Indian Bank should follow the below-mentioned steps to activate their online net banking facility.

Pre-requisites to Apply for Net-Banking of Indian Bank

Before applying for Net Banking or Mobile Banking facility, the Indian Bank customers must ensure that the following things are done.

  • Requirement 1: Update your Email Id and Mobile Number

The Indian Bank Customers are firstly required to update their correct mobile number and email id at their home branch (the branch at which they have the account or have opened the account) to facilitate the transactions smoothly.

This is a mandatory step because, without the updated contact information, the bank customers would not be able to receive updates about their banking transactions online or from mobile.

  • Requirement 2: Fill the KYC (Know Your Customer) Form

The Indian Bank customers have to fill the KYC form as provided by their home branch along with the supporting documents like proof of identity, proof of address, etc. Aadhaar would serve both the purpose unless any other documents requested by the bank.

How to Apply and Activate Mobile/Net Banking of Indian Bank Online

  • Step 1: Log on to Indian Bank Net Banking Portal
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The first step to applying for the net banking facility of the Indian Bank is to log on to After you have logged on to Indian Bank Net Banking Portal, click on Log in for Net Banking.

  • Step 2: Log in or Sign Up

If you have already received your username and password from your bank, you can continue directly by filling the username and password.

How to Apply and Activate Mobile/Net Banking of Indian Bank Online

If you are a new user applying and have not applied for net banking facility from your branch, click on New User.

  • Step 3: Fill Up the Net Banking Application Form

You will receive an application form, as shown in the picture. You have to now fill the complete form with the correct details and information.

How to Apply and Activate Mobile/Net Banking of Indian Bank Online


If the account is a JOINT account, the user will not be allowed to activate the facility through the ATM card and have to necessarily activate through the branch only.

For your convenience, the form has been divided into eight different sections as

  • Section 1: User Details

In this section of the form, you are required to fill in either your account number or your CIF number. You can easily find these details on the front page of your bank passbook.

You are also required to fill in your mobile number linked with your account for verification purposes. After filling in these details, fill in the captcha and click on submit.

  • Section 2: OTP verification

In this section of the online application form, you are required to verify your phone number by entering the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

  • Section 3: Facility Type

After the phone number and details are verified, the next section of the form is to select the type of facility you wish to avail of from the net banking. You have the following three options to make your choice.

  1. View Only
  2. View + Transactions
  3. Only Transactions
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The only View would let you only view your account statement online; View + Transactions would let you view account statements and also let you perform online banking transactions; Only Transactions would only let you perform the online banking transactions.

It depends on what facility you would like to have. For me, the second option would serve the best purpose, but it ultimately depends on your choice.

  • Section 4: Login password

The most important thing about your net banking application is setting your net banking password. Be very cautious while creating and setting your net banking password because one single mistake would be risky for your bank account.

Always ensure that the password that you have created is not used from any part of your name, and the password should have at least 6 characters containing letters, numbers, and Characters.

  • Section 5: Secret Questions

This Section is meant for users to assist them in case they have forgotten their password. In this Section, a user is required to answer two security questions, as asked in the form. The answer to these questions should not be answerable by anyone other than you.

  • Section 6: Activation Type

This Section is meant for the mode through which you would like to activate your net banking facility. You would have two options as activation type i.e., ATM Activation and Branch Activation.

If you choose Branch Activation, you would have to visit your branch for further proceedings, and you would be provided with a username and password by the bank itself.

If you choose ATM Activation, you would have to continue the form further, as mentioned in the sections below.

  • Section 7: Terms & Conditions
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This section contains the terms and conditions for activating online or mobile banking. Read the guidelines and terms carefully, and if you find it okay, you can continue by clicking on, I agree.

  • Section 8: ATM Card Details

In this section, you are required to fill in the details of your card. This Section is only meant for the users who have selected ATM Activation Type in section 6 above.

The ATM card details include ATM Card Number, Expiry Date, and ATM PIN. Provide the required information and submit the form.

After you have completed all the sections of the form and have submitted the form, your application is now finished.

Your Net Banking or Internet Banking Facility would be activated within 24 hours after you have submitted the form online.

In case, you have chosen the Visit Branch Activation Type; you would have to visit your branch with the required documents for verification and activation of your net banking account.

The details i.e., Account number or the CIF number that you have filled in Section would serve as your username. You can access your net banking facility anywhere and anytime by simply logging on to and clicking on login for Net Banking. Fill in the username name and password in the required fields and access your net banking dashboard.

You would now be able to carry on your banking transactions online without having to visit your branch—login to Indian Bank Internet Banking.

Final Words – Apply & Activate Indian Bank Net Banking

The procedure to apply and activate the net banking facility of the Indian Bank is easy and simple. Internet Banking or Mobile Banking helps the users to carry out Banking operations easily from their convenient places.

I hope that this tutorial on “How to apply and activate the Internet Banking or Mobile Banking of Indian Bank” was helpful to you.

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