How to Remove People From Snapchat Groups (2022)

Creating a group chat is the best way to chat with multiple friends simultaneously. But sometimes, you may want to dispel some members of the group.

Most messaging platforms let you do that if you are an admin of the group chat. However, removing someone from a Snapchat group is not as straightforward as it is on other social media platforms.

I will explain in this article how you can remove people from Snapchat groups. But first, let’s see if it is even possible.

Can You Remove Group Members from Snapchat?

There could be many reasons why one would wish to remove someone from a group chat. Unfortunately, Snapchat does not offer users a direct option to remove members from a group chat. But several indirect ways let you archive the same goal.  

Following is a list of indirect ways to remove people from Snapchat groups.

Remove People from Snapchat Group

Method 1: Quit the Group

You cannot remove a person from a Snapchat group, but you can decide to leave the group yourself. This way, you do not have to share a group with the other person.

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Here is how you can quit a leave a Snapchat group.

Step1: Launch the Snapchat app and access your chat screen. To access your chats screen, tap the chats icon at the bottom of the camera screen or swipe left on it.

Step2: Tap and open the Snapchat group you want to leave.

Step3: Press the three-dotted menu at the upper-right corner of the group chat.

Step4: Choose Leave Group to quit the group.

Method 2: Block the User

You can remove a person from your Snapchat group by blocking them. But, blocking them will also remove them from your friends list. After blocking a person, you cannot interact with them on Snapchat until you unblock them again.  

Here is how you can block a person on Snapchat.

Step1: Launch the Snapchat app and access your chat screen.

Step2: Find the profile you want to block, then tap their name.

Step3: Choose Remove Friend.

From now on, the person will not appear in your Snapchat friends list. Additionally, they will no longer appear in your Snapchat group.

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Method 3: Ask them to Leave the Group

You can also remove a person from a Snapchat group by asking them. It might not sound like a great idea initially, but it is very effective.

This method will work best if you and the other person are on relatively good terms. It will also help if you can give them a good explanation about why you want them to leave the group.

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