How to Schedule Instagram Posts & Stories for Free [2022]

How to Schedule Instagram Posts & Stories

The best Instagram scheduling app is a source of consternation for many company owners who aren’t sure which one to use.

What characteristics are the most important? For example, should you utilize a scheduler that will upload your content for you automatically? Was there any mention of reporting and analytics?

Can you Schedule Instagram Posts & Stories?

Yes, you can schedule instagram posts & stories, but the catch is that this is only possible for professional accounts & creator account.

So, if you want to schedule your instagram post for free, you can switch your personal account to a professional account and then follow the steps that we have discussed in this post.

To switch to a prefoesional account follow the pathway

Instagram >> Profile >> Three Lines >> Settings >> Account >> Switch Account Type >> Switch to Professional Account

We’ve taken care of everything. In our Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts, we explain how you can save time, enhance interaction, develop your following, and plan Instagram posts for free by following the steps outlined below:

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Schedule Posts on Instagram For Free (Tutorial)

Instagram posts may be scheduled using Facebook’s Creator Studio, which you can access here. From the Creator Studio dashboard, you can manage your whole project.

 In addition to cropping your photograph, adding a description and tags, setting the location, and scheduling the day and time for it to be live are all possible options.

For posts expected to be published in the future, you may go into your queue and reschedule them according to your preferences.

Schedule Instagram Posts using Facebook’s Creator Studio

To schedule Instagram posts using Creator Studio, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Use your Instagram account to connect to your Creator Studio account.

Step 2: Make a selection of the information you wish to schedule, whether it’s from your PC or straight from your Facebook Page.

Step 3: Make a cropped version of your photograph (if you want to.)

Step 4: Fill up the blanks with your Instagram caption and the location (if you want to.)

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Step 5: By clicking on the arrow to the right of the “Publish” button, you will be able to choose “Schedule.”

Step 6: Select a day and time for your post to be scheduled.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Schedule Instagram Stories from Phone and desktop?

To schedule a post on desktop and phone using the Creator Studio, you must first have a professional Instagram account set up.

Professional accounts may be divided into two categories: Business Accounts, which are intended for companies and brands, and Creator Accounts, which are intended for anybody with more than 10,000 followers.

Step 1: To access the Creator Studio, you must first change your account into either a business account or a creator account.

Step 2: If necessary, link your Instagram account to Facebook’s Creator Studio by visiting this page.

Step 3: In Creator Studio, go to the left sidebar and click on Create Post to begin the process. Then you may pick between Instagram Feed and IGTV.

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Step 4: To begin, click on the “Create Post” button. 

Step 5: Upload and construct your post, including the description, hashtags, and mentions that you want to include.

Step 6: The down-carrot, placed next to the blue Publish button, should be clicked.

Step 7: To publish your work, click the downward-facing arrow next to “Publish.” 

Step 8: From the popup menu, choose Schedule.

Step 9: Fill up the blanks with the information of your chosen Schedule and then click Schedule.

You can also schedule your posts using a third party application, but the catch is that the might be paid.

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