How to See What is Currently Trending on TikTok [2022]

How to See What is Currently Trending on TikTok

If you’ve started publishing Tiktok videos, it becomes very important for you to stay updated on new trends on TikTok which include, trending sounds, trending filters, trending hashtags, etc. to improve your reach and online presence on TikTok.

Why Is It Important to Know What Is Trending On Tiktok?

The TikTok algorithm is designed in such a way that, the videos that use some trendy sound, effect, or hashtag are rewarded more in terms of reaching out to the users. These videos are more likely to be viewed because they are being pushed by other people who also enjoy the trend, and are easier to find when you browse the Discover tab.

One of the easiest ways to make your videos more enjoyable and engaging is to stay updated on new trends and create your videos on such trending sounds and filters.

What Sound, Filters, or Hashtags is Trending On Tiktok?

We are now aware of the importance of trends on TikTok, but how do we find what is currently trending on TikTok?

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Do you also want to know what sounds, Hashtags, effects, and topics are currently trending on the Tiktok app. In this post, I would explain to you how to find current trends on the Tiktok app.

Steps to See What is Trending On Tiktok

Now let’s get started to see all trends on Tiktok.

Step 1: Open the Tiktok app on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap on the Discover button at the bottom of the page.

You’ll be able to find a huge list of current trends, including popular sounds, trending filters, hashtags, and effects under each trending item.

Step 3: You’ll see information telling you whether it’s a sound, a hashtag, or an effect along with a sample of a few popular videos using the trend.

You can see how many users have used this trending sound or hashtag with the number indicated on the right.

Step 4: You can scroll sideways to see more videos or tap a video to watch it.

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Bonus Step to See Trending Sound, Filters, and Hashtags on TikTok

You can try some trendy hashtags in the search bar such as trendingvideo, tiktoktrend, trendingnow, viraltrend, and so on. This would land you to a page with some trending video which can be referred to find out what is trending on tiktok as of now.

If you tap the name of a trending sound effect or hashtag, you can see all the videos using it. You can tap it and add it to favorites to save it for easy access later when you want to create your own Tiktok video using that trend.

You can use, tap the plus sign at the bottom to begin creating a new video, Then tap, add sound at the top, scroll down and select Tiktok viral here.

You’ll see which songs are the most popular right now, Tap any sound to listen to a sample of it, and tap the checkmark to use it in your video that does it for our guide to finding trends on Tiktok.

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This way you’ll be able to easily find the trending sound on TikTok and create your own video.

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