How to Send A Disappearing Message On Instagram

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Sometimes we want to send messages to people but do not want them to be stored forever. It seems Instagram introduced the Vanish Mode feature to solve precisely this problem. Messages sent using the Vanish Mode feature get deleted when the recipient reads them, and you turn off the Vanish Mode.

In Vanish Mode, you do not even have to worry about the other person taking screenshots of your messages. If the recipient of your messages tries to do that, the Vanish Mode feature will inform you. We will show you in this article how to send a disappearing message on Instagram.

How to Send Disappearing Messages On Instagram

We have explained below the process of sending disappearing messages on Instagram. Before following the outlined steps, you should first ensure that your Instagram app is updated. You cannot use the Vanish Mode feature on some earlier versions of the Instagram app. The steps that are described below are applicable for both Android and iPhone users.

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Step1: Launch your Instagram app.

Step2: Tap the Messenger icon in the top right of the interface to visit your chats screen.

Step3: Open the conversation on which you wish to apply the Vanish Mode.

Step4: To turn the Vanish Mode ON, you just have to swipe up on the conversation screen. The interface will change after you turn the Vanish Mode ON. You will also be notified that you have turned On the Vanish Mode by newly appeared animations on the conversation screen.

You can send messages in all the usual formats while in the Vanish Mode. For instance, you can send simple text messages, pictures, and videos just like you used to before activating the Vanish Mode. However, there is one crucial difference in the case of Vanish Mode. All of your messages will disappear once the recipient reads the sent messages and you deactivate the Vanish Mode.

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Please note that Instagram keeps the Vanish Mode messages for one hour after their apparent disappearance from the sender and recipient’s accounts. Instagram does this to store the evidence of abuse or harassment that may take place during the chatting.

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