How to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has been making chatting over messenger interesting and entertaining with the addition of Sound Emojis (Soundmojis). Are you thinking about how to send them? We would explain to you the steps to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger.

I would tell you that soundmojis are truly interesting and would make the chat with the other person enjoyful.

If you are not sure about what exactly soundmojis are, I have explained the same in detail. You can jump back to the respective topics from the table.

What are Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger

We are very friendly with emojis and how frequently we use them in our conversations (chats). As we have a clear understanding of emojis and so you would be with soundmojis.

Soundmojis, as the name itself suggests are sound emojis. Sound emojis mean the emojis with sounds. Can you just imagine an emoji send with the sound?

Yes, it would make it the best to entertain.

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When you send a soundmoji from your Facebook messenger, an emoji is sent with a tune or sound for the same.

For example, if you are to wish Happy Birthday to your friend or relative, you can send a soundmoji i.e., a Birthday Cake with a sound (tune) of Happy Birthday making it very interesting.

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How to Enable Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

You may not see the option of sound emojis in your chats. There are certain requirements and conditions to enable the option of soundmojis on your chat.

  • 1st Condition:- You need to have the updated version of Facebook Messenger installed on your mobile.
  • 2nd Condition:- The other party should also have the latest version of messenger installed on their device.
  • 3rd Condition:- You should have atleast one message sent to the person to enable the soundmojis on the chat. If you have no chats with the person send one then the option would be visible.
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The soundmojis is available on Facebook messenger on both Android as well as IOS devices. Facebook announced the introduction of sound emojis in chats on the occasion of World Emoji Day, 2021.

Facebook has added 24 soundmojis till date and we can expect some more to be added to the list in the coming days.

Steps to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

  • Step 1:- Open Facebook Messenger on your Mobile.
  • Step 2:- Open the chat of the person to whom you want to send the soundmoji.
  • Step 3:- Click on the Emoji Icon.
  • Step 4:- You will see the loudspeaker icon, click on it. (As stated above, it would be available only if you have atleast one message sent to that chat in the past.
  • Step 5:- If you open a new chat or have deleted the chat previously, you have to send one message and the Icon would be visible.
  • Step 6:- You would see the available soundmojis that could be sent.
  • Step 7:- Select the soundmoji that you would like to send. You can listen to the sound of the emoji before sending.
  • Step 8:- Tab on the Send button to send the soundmoji successfully.
Steps to Send Sound Emojis on Facebook Messenger

I hope that you are now able to send the soundmoji to your friends and relatives. I would suggest you try this at least once and I am sure you would love this feature.

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