Share Your Light Diwali 2022: How to share Diwali stickers on Instagram

The festival of lights, Diwali, is here. The day represents the triumph of light over darkness and Lord Ram’s coming home. Stickers have gained popularity as a way to wish loved ones on social media.

Today, practically all social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, enable sticker sharing between users and their friends. Read on if you like Instagram and wish to send your loved ones some Diwali stickers.

This year, Instagram’s sticker section has seen numerous new sticker additions. It only takes a few simple steps to send stickers using Instagram.

How to Send Diwali Stickers on Instagram

The steps to send stickers on Instagram are shown below.

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Next, click the DM symbol in the upper right corner to access the Direct Message section.

Step 3: Select the chat with which you want to share Diwali stickers from here.

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Step 4: Next, select the sticker symbol located at the bottom of the chats.

Step 5: Use this section to look for Diwali stickers.

Step 6: Lastly, just select the sticker you want to send and press the send button.

How to Share Share Your Light Diwali Stickers on Instagram

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Click the Direct Message (DM) icon located in the feed’s upper right corner.
  3. Click on the chat icon of the person to whom you want to give stickers for Diwali.
  4. Select the stickers icon located at the chat’s bottom.
  5. Use the search field to enter “Diwali”.
  6. After choosing the Diwali sticker to send, click the Send button.

In contrast to Instagram, WhatsApp does not yet come preloaded with Diwali stickers. However, if you want to send your WhatsApp contacts a Diwali greeting for 2022, you can get sticker packages from the Google Play Store.

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By going to the “Stickers” area and downloading a pack for yourself, you can also acquire stickers via WhatsApp. You may create and share customized GIF pictures using WhatsApp.

A long movie can be cut to a maximum of 6 seconds by the user. For a more personalized touch, trim the video from wherever you like and add texts and emoticons. When finished, select the GIF option and touch the transmit button.

In a similar development, upgrades to Hidden words and additional capabilities to protect users from abuse have been added to the Meta-owned photo-sharing app. To make it more difficult for stalkers to re-connect with individuals, customers will now have the ability to block multiple accounts after blocking someone, the business said in a blog post.

Message requests and comments can be automatically cleaned up with the help of Hidden Words. Instagram is experimenting with turning on Hidden Words for Creator accounts automatically. Every user would have the option to customize their list with additional words, phrases, and emojis they might want to conceal and turn the Settings on or off at any moment. Users would be prompted by a new message to pause and consider their response before responding to a comment that might be offensive.

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