How to Get Slit Scan Filter on Instagram [2022]

How to Get Slit Scan Filter on Instagram

Scan Filters are getting popular on Instagram these days. The scan filters on Instagram are entertaining and interesting as it allows the users to edit their video in such a way that it makes it unique and attractive.

Slit Scan is a little different from the Before After Scan on Instagram. In this, the video would be recorded as a scan with a screen scanner and hence, the video would get recorded as the area of the picture gets scanned.

In this, the video would be split to different parts with the scanner and you can move as the scanner passes through the picture. Hence, any movement would be recorded they way you would want it to be.

The Slit Scan filter helps you to click magical pictures like holding a particular thing without touching it.

How to Use Slit Scan Filter on Instagram

It is easy to use the Slit Scan Filter, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below to use this filter.

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Step 1: Open the Instagram Application on your mobile.

Step 2: Click on the + Plus Icon and select Reel.

Step 3: Click on Effects and search for Slit Screen. If you want a vertical scan (left to right) select the filter by gu_christopher and if you want a horizontal scan (top to bottom), select the filter by iamcraiglewis2.

Step 4: Click on the Record Button and start recording the video.

Step 5: You can move yourself or any object the way you would like it to appear it the video.

How to Make A Magical Reel of Holding Something Without Touching It

You can use the Slit Scan filter on Instagram to record magical videos like holding someone’s head, holding something without touching it, and so on.

To record such a video you just need to hold something without your lower hand if it is a top-down scan and when the top portion is recorded hold the object with the upper hand on the top and leave your bottom hand.

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When you would do this the result would look great as the video is recorded in different phases and it would appear like you have not touched the object and the video is recorded.

You can do the same thing with the head’s magic. That is record the video until the head is fully captured and let the other person move out of the frame subsequently.

This is an entertaining filter and you should give it a try.

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