How to Stop Snapchat Story Notifications (2022)

Snapchat stories, like Instagram stories, last for only 24 hours. A Snapchat story is a series of pictures or videos which users share with their friends. They help you keep updated about your friends’ lives. Snapchat introduced the story Notifications feature to help you never miss stories from your friends.

When you turn on story notifications for a profile, you get a notification every time they share a story. There is good news if you find story notifications distracting and wish to get rid of them. You can turn off the story notifications for specific profiles on your chats page.

This article will explain how to stop Snapchat story notifications for a particular profile.

Turn Off Story Notifications from Friends on Snapchat

Step1: Open the Snapchat app and head into your Chats section by swiping right on the camera screen. You can also access your Chats page by tapping the Chats icon in the bottom menu bar.

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Step2: Long press the profile for which you want to disable the story notification. Note that you can also select a group chat.

Step3: Choose Story Settings.

Step4: Tap the toggle next to Story Notifications to disable it.

You have successfully stopped Snapchat story notifications for the chosen account. From now on, you will no longer receive notifications when the selected profile posts a new story.

You can also use the above guide to turn on the Story Notifications feature for the chosen profile if you later change your mind. To turn on the story notifications again, enable the Story Notifications toggle in step 4.

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