How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number (2022)

Are you worried that a specific person may have blocked your phone number? Note that if you cannot contact someone via call, it does not necessarily mean they have blocked your number. There could be several other reasons. But the main question is whether you can know if one of your contacts put you on their block list.

We will cover in this article how to tell if someone has blocked your number.

Find Out if Someone Blocked Your Number 

Step1: Call the person you think has blocked your number.

Step2: Pay attention to how your call ends.

(1) if the ringing stops quickly and the phone hangs up, there are two possibilities. The other person has blocked you, or she is talking with someone else.

 To check if they have blocked you, try calling them later. The person might have blocked you if you cannot contact them even after multiple attempts. It is unlikely that their line is busy every time you call them.

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 (2) If the call stops quickly (after ringing only once or less) and you reach a voicemail, the other person has blocked you, or their phone is not working.

 Repeat this step as sometimes you will reach a voicemail even if their phone is fine and they have not blocked your number. However, if you get the same outcome, you can be sure that the person has blocked you or their phone is not working. 

Step3: Call the person with a masked number to know if they have blocked your number. When you call someone using a masked number, your number appears as a restricted or unknown on their phone. So, the other person would not know your identity.

You can call someone with a masked number by adding “*67” before their number. If the call rings as usual (four or more rings), the other might have blocked your phone number. However, if the call reaches their voicemail, the phone might be dead.

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If you do not know why the other person has blocked you, you can ask a mutual friend to talk with them. It is possible that the person has blocked you by mistake and would be glad to unblock you.

But if they have blocked you intentionally, you would be better off not trying to contact them repeatedly against their wish. The other person may report you to the police for harassing them.

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