How To Do The 27 Photo Challenge On TikTok & Instagram

How To Do The 27 Photo Challenge On TikTok

The new 27 photo challenge as the name itself suggests is a challenge is on TikTok and Instagram where the user has to summarise their life using 27 photos.

Social media these days is a great source for individuals to spend their leisure time entertaining themselves with their activity as well as the activity of other users.

New Trends and challenges play a vital role in keeping the users engaged with the social media platforms. One such trend is the 27 Photo Challenge on Tiktok & Instagram popularly.

In this post, we would discuss what exactly the trend is and how we can also join this challenge.

The 27 Photo Challenge on Tiktok – Trend Explained

The 27 Photo Challenge On is not a new trend on the internet as the first video on this challenge was shared and the trend was started back in July 2021.

Like the other trend The 10 Year Challenge, 27 photo trend helps you enjoy and live to your old memories back again. It would be a great time for you to look back to your memories and enjoy the time.

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In this, you can include both the photos as well as videos (short videos). The photos or videos could be anything related to you or your pictures looking at which you would be able to recall the old moments of your life.

Head over to your library and look for the pictures & videos that can help you summarise your life till now.

The most common template used for the challenge is one video of about 4 to 5 seconds at the starting and then another 26 pictures with duration managed accordingly.

How To Do The 27 Photo Challenge On TikTok? Step By Step Tutorial

It is not that difficult to do the challenge as it is a simple trend and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app on your mobile.

Step 2: Log in to your account (create an account if you don’t have one).

Step 3: On the home screen of the app, tap on the + (plus) icon in the bottom center.

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Step 4: From the dialogue box, choose the option to select a photo or video from the phone’s gallery.

Step 5: Select the pictures & video you want to include in the challenge video.

Step 6: Now, add effects and transition as per your choice (this is your choice). Video editing is completely up to you on how you would like your video to appear.

You can also add texts to your photos or videos as a commentary (explanation) of that particular picture or the video.

Step 7: Now your video is almost ready and it is time to add the music to it. The song that is commonly used in this challenge is “Swing Lynn” by Twin cabins.

Tap on the Music icon to add the music, search for the song Swing Lynn and add it to your video.

You can now share your video with the users on TikTok.

If you wish to complete this challenge on Instagram, download the video from TikTok to your phone’s gallery and then upload it to your Instagram account.

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The 27 Photo Challenge Tiktok – Song Details and Explanation

The song most commonly used in the 27 photo challenge is “Swing Lynn” by Twin cabins.

This is an instrumental song with tune and music only and has no lyrics. However, it has its own brand now as famous TikTok creators have used this music in their challenge video making the tune viral on the platforms.

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