This Is A Work Of Art Trend on Tiktok & Instagram [2022]

This Is A Work Of Art Trend

You might have seen people posting This is A Work of Art Trend videos on Instagram and Tiktok over the past few days and might be wondering what it is and how we can also do the same.

In this post, I would explain to you the This is a Work of Art Trend in detail and also provide you a tutorial on How To Make This is A Work Of Art Video to be a part of this trend.

What is This Is A Work Of Art on Instagram & Tiktok

This is a simple and entertaining trend on the internet over the past few days. This trend is hitting the individuals particularly the artists as the name of the trend itself says Work of Art.

This trend concentrates on creating a video of various arts by an artist. In this, a video is created where various artworks of an artist are compileder in a single video.

I would suggest you to use to use a video editor application on your mobile to create the video. You can also make the video from the Instagram Reels directly, but the catch is that you would get multiple editing and adjustment options in the video editor.

Before proceeding further, have your pictures and video of the art ready along with the video editor if you wish to.

The video should be you preparing the craft to show that you have done all of the arts.

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How to Make This Is A Work Of Art Video

You can either create you video using a video editor or from the Instagram Reels directly. Follow the steps below.

Create the Work Of Art Trend Video Using Instagram Reels

Step 1: Open the Instagram Application on Your Mobile.

Step 2: Search for the user @howtoknower and go to the reels section and open the This is A work of Art Reel click on the audio and either save the audio if you wish to prepare the video later or click on use it yo make it now itslef.

If you have selected Use Audio to make the video now itslef, you can jump on to step 4 else go with step 3 if you have saved the audio for later.

Step 3: Click on the + (Plus) icon on the top right corner and select Reel option.

Step 4: Select the Videos and Photos that you wish to be included in the video and click on Next.

You can add effects, texts and stickers to your video as per you wish and preference.

Steps to Make the Work Of Art Video Using Video Editor

Step 1: Install and Open the Inshot Video Editor Application on your mobile.

Step 2: Select Videos under Create New on the launch screen of the app.

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Recap Video Editor Application

Step 3: To make your video more attractive, you can add a short video of about 2 seconds in the beginning and then continue with the other 13 to 14 pictures.

If you don’t have a video, you an also continue directly with photos only. Make sure that the number of pictures including the video is not more than 14 to sync with the reel duration.

Steps to Make the 2021 Recap Video

Step 4: Adjust the dimension of the video to 9:16 as it is the suggested dimention.

Step 5: To give you pictures a better look, you can adjust its view by zooming in or out using the using the slider or by pinching in and pinching out if it does not fit the dimension.

Step 6: If you have added a video in the beginning, adjust the duration of the video in the beggining to 2 seconds by trimming it to 2 seconds using the precut option.

Make Recap On Instagram & TikTok

Step 7: Now adjust the duration for the photos or videos in the video, select the photo or video from the timeline and Tap on Duration.

Create Recap for Instagram & TikTok

It is not necessary that you have to add 15 photos, you can adjust to the number accordinly to your wish. You need to adjust the duration of the media according to the total number of media selected.

The duration can be adjusted as under:
1 Video: 2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.2 Seconds
1 Photo: 0.3 Seconds

Step 8: Once you are done with everything, you can now add the audio to the video.

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You first need the audio to add it to the video. You can get the audio here.

To add the music Tap on the Music Option and then on Tracks. Now go to My Music and select the music downloaded earlier.

Step 9: Now, you can apply transition, filter, and effects to your video to make it better. You can edit the video as per your choice.

Step 10: After completing all the editings, you can now preview your video by clicking on the Play Pause Button. If you wish to make any changes you can do that before you download.

Step 11: The free version of Inshot application leaves a watermark at the bottom of the video which doesn’t look good with the video.

You can however remove the watermark fore free by watching an Ad. Click on X in the watermark as shown below.

Recap for Instagram & TikTok

Then Click on Free Remove as shown below.

Make Recap Reels for Instagram

Step 12: Tap on Save to save your video. Select Resolution for your video and then Click on Save again.

Make Recap Reels On Instagram

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