How to Turn Off Ring Flash On Snapchat

How to Turn Off Ring Flash On Snapchat

Periodically, Snapchat rolls out new features to enhance the app’s user interface.

It introduced a new feature a few weeks ago called the Ring Light, which when turned ON causes a “ring flash” to appear on the front camera screen.

While many people adore this innovative function, some didn’t think much of it. Here’s how to turn off the ring light if you’re tired of it.

How to Turn Off Ring Light On Snapchat

It’s simple to get rid of ring flash. Simply tapping the flash icon will disable the flash and take you to the standard camera.

Turning On a Ring Light on Snapchat

To turn on the ring light and enjoy this new feature on Snapchat, you may follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device in step 1.

2. If the camera is facing the rear, switch to the front one.

3. Tap the flash symbol located to the right.

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4. A pop-up window will now display with a flash control option.

Drag the slider to expand or contract the ring flash area.

Even the colour tone can be altered. It currently comes in three colour tones: neutral, warm, and cool.

Why is my Flash Not Working on Snapchat?

A quick reboot should resolve any issues with the flashlight caused by a specific program or process. Simply press and hold the power button while choosing “Power Off” from the menu. Then, after 10 to 15 seconds, switch it back on. Most of the time, this ought to resolve the issue.

How to change Snapchat’s flash settings?

1) Log in to the Snapchat app.
2) Click the icon for the lightning bolt flash.
3) The flash is on if there is no “X” beneath the icon; otherwise, it is off.

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