How to Unread a Message On Instagram – Full Guide 2021

Unread a Message On Instagram

How to Unread a Message on Instagram? Instagram, a social media platform widely known for reels today has been improving its features to make its interface user-friendly. One such feature is to mark messages as unread.

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This feature becomes very useful for the users if they are looking for a chat later.

However, this feature is not available for all the users as of now, but we can expect it to be updated for all accounts very soon.

This feature is available only for business accounts and is not available for personal and private accounts till date.

In this post, I would be explaining to you to mark a message as unread on Instagram. This becomes very useful when you have a lot of messages with one chat being very useful with some information and you need to check back later to that chat for the purpose.

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As stated above, this feature is available only for business accounts. Hence, you have to first Switch your account to a business account before using this feature.

You can switch your account to a business account in three simple steps.

Settings >> Account >>Switch to Professional Account

Step by Step Guide to Mark a Message As Unread On Instagram

The steps to mark a message as an unread message on Instagram are easy and simple. Follow the steps mentioned below to unread a message on your instagram.

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram account on your mobile.
  • Step 2: Tap on the Messaging Icon on the top right corner.
  • Step 3: Search for the message that you want to mark as unread.
  • Step 4: Long Press on the chat (Tap and Hold for a couple of seconds).
  • Step 5: Click on mark as unread from the options available.

The message is now marked as unread. You can verify this, as the chat would now be visible as Bold unlike other normal chats, and also a blue dot would appear on the right of the chat.

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The thing that you should know about marking a message as unread is that the sender would still see that you’ve seen the message as the message would be marked as seen on the sender’s chat.

The main motive of this is to mark an important message so that you could jump into it anytime you have to with ease.

I hope that you are now clear with marking a message as unread on Instagram and the things that should be noted while doing the same.

If you found this helpful, kindly share this with your friends or relatives such that they can make us of this interesting feature by instagram.

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