How To Use Enhanced Tags On Instagram

How To Use Enhanced Tags On Instagram

Instagram has increased the number of tags available so that content creators can give credit to everyone who contributed to the work.

Instagram has launched an improved tagging tool that enables artists to properly acknowledge people who contributed to the creation of the content and even define their contribution.

The release states that “proper crediting has never been more crucial as creators connect, encourage one another, and move the culture forward on Instagram. This is especially important for minority and marginalized producers and collaborators, whose work frequently goes unnoticed.

The new Enhanced Tags will make it simple to officially give credit to behind-the-scenes partners who helped create a piece of content but who frequently remain anonymous. These collaborators include photographers, stylists, authors, makeup artists, and songwriters.

How to Tag Collaborators on Instagram Using Enhanced Tags

1. Launch the Instagram Application on your device.

2. Tap the (+) in the top right corner of the Instagram app after it is open.

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3. Tap Next after creating a new Post.

4. Edit as you see fit, then select Next.

5. Write a caption and then select Tag People.

6. pick Contributors under Search and Add Tag.

7. To view the creator category, select Show Profile Category.

8. Hit “Done”

9. Tap Share after any extra tags and information have been added.

Collaborators on Instagram

In other cases, producers have turned to a variety of do-it-yourself techniques to acknowledge collaborators, such as tagging them and mentioning their responsibilities in the description of a post or including handles in the content.

By tagging user accounts and selecting “display profile category” to indicate the individual’s contribution to the collaboration, Enhanced Tags enable content creators to formally credit key contributors when submitting work.

In order for users to see a creator’s specific contribution to the post, the new functionality enables their self-designated profile category on their professional accounts to be displayed in their People Tag.

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