How to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account

How to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account

Without a Facebook account, Messenger cannot be used. However, there is a clever workaround that allows you to use Messenger without Facebook.

Does Messenger work without Facebook? Yes, in a way: even if you’ve vowed to never use Facebook again or wish to stop using social media completely, you may still use Facebook Messenger.

The two are undoubtedly connected. However, if you adhere to these straightforward instructions, you can utilise Facebook Messenger even if your Facebook account is dormant.

Facebook Messenger: Why to Use It?

Can Messenger be used without Facebook? Yes, in a way. But ought you to?

A popular messaging service in the world is Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp, another service run and owned by Facebook, is its main rival. The likelihood that your friends also use Messenger is a key factor in choosing to use it.

Messenger, though, is about more than just communicating with friends. It’s a potent, multifunctional app.

Want to make an Uber order? Employ Messenger. Calling through voice or video is necessary. Employ Messenger. Do you want to compete with your friends in a game? Employ Messenger. Without even mentioning all the many methods you may send your buddies GIFs, stickers, photographs, and images. All of these things can be available elsewhere, but their benefits when combined make using Messenger more likely.

Additionally, Messenger is cross-platform, just like WhatsApp. Even if you have an iPhone, you can stay in touch with friends on Android.

End-to-end encryption can also be used to send your communications, but it’s not enabled by default, so you’ll need to know how to do so. Therefore, nothing you send can be intercepted by outside parties. Your communication is not visible to anyone as it travels between devices. It’s the very minimum you should demand these days from an instant messaging provider.

Why Would You Prefer Not to Use Facebook?

Facebook is still a dominant social media platform, but usage is declining. Why? Some people are using alternative forms of contact. To stay in touch, younger generations are using TikTok and Snapchat. Some people might rather utilise SMS or just speak to folks in person.

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Some people have moral objections to using Facebook. Others dislike the commonplaces of social media platforms, such as political discussions, pyramid schemes, and meaningless status updates.

Others are still worried by Facebook’s ongoing privacy and security concerns. If you use the service, or indeed any chat software that knows too much about you, you need to pay close attention to your privacy settings.

However, even if you don’t use Facebook, the business is still keeping tabs on you thanks to shadow profiles, which show users’ offline activity. Compared to the personal data Facebook users surrender, signing up for Messenger won’t make much of a difference.

How to Sign Up on Messenger Without a Facebook Account Active

Things were easier in the past. It was simple to sign up for Facebook Messenger without having Facebook itself: all you needed was your phone number. But Facebook gradually stopped doing this in 2019, so you now need a Facebook account. But don’t worry—you can overcome this.

The repercussions are essentially the same as they were before, but there is a new hoops to jump through.

You must first learn how to install Messenger, which is easy to do. Simply navigate to the Google Play or App Store, depending on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure it is the legitimate app, produced by Facebook Inc., to avoid risking virus installation.

The next thing you must learn is how to register for Messenger.

The app will prompt you to sign into a Facebook account with your email address or phone number when you launch it for the first time. Click Create New Account instead. You will be directed to create a Facebook account as a result.

You must enter your first name and last name; if you don’t want Facebook to know your true identity, you can use a pseudonym, but keep in mind that this is the name that will display on Messenger. Next, select Next. You must enter a password on the next screen. There are many ways to establish a memorable password, so use something special and challenging to decipher. Click Sign Up now. You must send an email or SMS to confirm your new account.

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You have a Facebook account now, so that’s good. Although it’s not ideal, you can at least change that. Then what?

How to Install Messenger Without a Facebook Account Active

There are a few settings to complete after activating your account in order to fully utilise the app.

To make yourself more recognisable to other users, you might upload a photo of yourself. However, doing it within Messenger is not possible. You must change that setting within your account because it is set to default to your Facebook profile image.

How does Messenger add friends? You can interact with them on Messenger by doing this through your Facebook account, but you’ll probably need to explain to them that this is only temporary. You can click on your profile image in the top-left corner of your interface to connect just using Messenger on your smartphone. then select Upload contacts under Phone contacts. By doing so, the app and phone book will sync.

Is Messenger Available Without a Facebook Account?

The primary issue you wished to avoid still exists because you have a Facebook profile for the sole purpose of using Messenger. What can you then do?

Even if you deactivate your Facebook profile, Messenger will still function. There is currently no other method to utilise Messenger besides through Facebook.

You cannot, however, remove Facebook without simultaneously removing Messenger.

What Happens to Messenger If You Delete or Deactivate Facebook?

Take this choice seriously. You must understand what it means to deactivate your Facebook account before you start the process.

In essence, deactivating Facebook gives you time to consider if you want to remove your account permanently (as your data is still stored, ready for reactivation). Additionally, Messenger will still function. You ought to be questioned about whether you want to keep using Messenger when you deactivate Facebook.

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If you remove Facebook, though, all of your past messages will be marked as “Facebook User” and nobody would be able to reply. Messenger won’t be accessible to you.

Even after deactivation, your contacts and messages will always be there. Deletion means that all of your messages will be permanently deleted from your device (but not on the devices of the recipients), and you will need to re-register for Facebook using the instructions above.

Then, how do you remove or deactivate Facebook? You must first log in before selecting the downward arrow in the upper-right corner of your screen. Navigate to Settings & privacy > Settings > Your Facebook information, which is located in the left-hand column. Select Deactivation and deletion to finish.

There are cautions regarding what will happen if you choose either of your two alternatives when you see them. In order to continue using Messenger on your smartphone, select Deactivate account.

Can I use Messenger on my PC if I don’t have Facebook?

Sadly, you need a Facebook account that is currently active to utilise Messenger in your browser.

Your account will become active once you sign in to Facebook using a browser.

You can change your privacy settings if you’re worried about too many people finding you. And if you’re concerned about how much information Facebook may learn about you, you should seriously limit who can post to and tag you in status updates and images on your Facebook profile.

How to Download Messenger Without Using Facebook

You can no longer actually use Messenger without a Facebook account because the applications are now inextricably linked to one another.

However, it’s not the end of the world because this tiny security flaw enables you to continue using Messenger even after cancelling your primary Facebook accounts.

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