How to View Deleted Messages On Messenger (2022)

Sometimes we cannot find a particular message on Messenger no matter how hard we try. It is reasonable to assume that if you cannot find a message in your inbox, you must have deleted it. So, are there ways to view deleted messages on Messenger?

You can only recover deleted messages on Messenger if you had earlier set up the backup to email function in Facebook Settings or downloaded your messages on your computer. If you did not do either of these activities before deleting your messages, your chances of recovering the messages might be low.

We will cover in this article indirect methods to get back your deleted messages on Messenger.

Method1: Check Your Archived Conversations

A message is not necessarily deleted if it does not appear in your primary inbox. You may have archived it and forgotten. So, check your archived conversations folder before concluding that your message is gone permanently.

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Here is how you can open your archived conversations folder on Messenger.

Step1: Open the Messenger app, then hit your profile photo in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Step2: Select Archived Chats.

Step3: Look for the message you think you deleted in the archived chats folder.

Step4: If you find the message, swipe left on it and select Unarchive chat/Unarchive. Doing that will move the chat back to your primary inbox in Messenger.

The chat you are looking for no longer likely exists on Messenger if you did not find it in your archived chats folder. But you do not have to lose hope just yet. You can still try the second method to recover your deleted messages.

Method2: Contact the Other Person

Contacting the other person is the most straightforward way to recover your deleted messages. When you delete a message on your side, it does not disappear from the other side. So, you can ask the other person to take a screenshot of the messages you want and send them to you.

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There are ways to ensure you do not lose your Messages in the future, even if you accidentally delete them on Messenger.

How to View Deleted Messages on Messenger in the Future

1) Enable the backup-to-email option

Step1: Login to the Facebook website on your computer and open the Settings page.

Step2: Select Notifications in the left side panel.

Step3: Click Email under the “How You Get Notifications” section.

Step4: Choose “All notifications except the ones your turn off.”

Now you can recover your messages through your Email in the future.

2) Download your messages

Step1: Login to the Facebook website on your computer and open the Settings page.

Step2: Select “Your Facebook Information” in the left side panel.

Step3: Choose the “Download your information” option.

You can download all of your Facebook data or only your messages. Select the options you want to download to your computer.

Step4: Click the Create file button.

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You will soon receive an email from Facebook with the file containing your data. You can use it to view your messages even if they get accidentally removed from Messenger.

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