What does Alias Mean in WazirX?

What does Alias Mean in WazirX?

Investment is a good source of additional income from our savings. Investment can be done in Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Real Estate, Crypto Currencies, etc.

Among these, investing in cryptocurrencies has been common among investors and traders today as it yielded high returns in a previous couple of periods.

Unlike Stocks and Commodities, Cryptocurrencies are listed by a governing body, however, Indian Exchanges like WazirX & CoinDCX have made investments in Cryptocurrencies easier and simple.

Despite the simple interface, users sometimes face many problems with the interface and challenges using these exchanges.

One such problem is to fill the “Alias” tab in WazirX.

Meaning of Alias in WazirX

Users using WazirX are getting confused about the meaning of the term “Alias” while filling the payment method in WazirX.

It is not a smart move to fill in the details without knowing their meaning properly, hence we should first know the meaning of all the things before filling any form.

In this post, I would explain to you the meaning of the term alias so that you can complete your payment information accurately and correctly.

Alias Meaning In Wazirx

In the WazirX application, you come across the term “Alias” whenever you try to enter the payment option. Whichever Payment option you try to fill be a Bank Account or a UPI ID, you would encounter the issue of “Alias”.

Well, this problem is not as big as you have thought and has a simple and quick solution.

The term ALIAS actually means your “Name” or an “Alternate Name”.

To be precise, you are required to fill in your name or your nickname under the Alias section and then continue with the further details.

Once you fill in the details, your payment address would be verified for payments and you can then proceed with the transactions in the WazirX application.

I hope that I was able to clarify the meaning of the term WazirX and you are now able to proceed with the payment options without any hesitation.

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