Whatsapp Not Working, Several Users Post Their Concerns Online – October, 2022

Whatsapp Not Working, Several Users Post There Concerns Online

Nowadays, practically everyone uses WhatsApp, and many users have reported that it has ceased working. Thus, many who have tried restarting their routers to see whether the issue is with the internet. You need not worry; WhatsApp is down for many users worldwide, not your internet.

Data from the down detector indicate that WhatsApp is still not functional. On their social media accounts, neither Whatsapp nor Meta have issued an official statement regarding the situation. Approximately 12000 people have reportedly reported problems with WhatsApp not functioning on the down detector website, according to the statistics. The data also showed that the mistake began sometime a little earlier.

WhatsApp has been unavailable for more than 30 minutes, and memes have undoubtedly taken over Twitter.

Here are a few jokes for you to laugh at as WhatsApp works to fix its servers.

Whatsapp Down: App Not Working As Users Unable To Send Or Receive Messages

Users of WhatsApp are unable to send or receive messages due to a bug.

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The most widely used messaging app in the world seems to have ceased functioning, potentially impacting billions of users.

People could type messages to pals and send them using the app. However, they got stuck after that and never truly delivered.

Restarting the app or using the web version did not seem to resolve the problem, and neither did utilising any other workarounds.

It indicates that people are probably sending and receiving messages without them really being delivered, which could cause issues.

Users from all over the world began reporting problems, which resulted in a sharp increase in reports on the outage monitoring website DownDetector.

The difficulties seemed to start at 8 am UK time.

There are no official channels for WhatsApp to inform users about disruptions. It operates no official status website, unlike the rest of Meta, and although it has a Twitter account set up to track issues, it hasn’t used it since 2014.

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It also manages official Twitter and Facebook accounts, neither of which had been updated in light of the outage.

With more than two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular chat application globally and the third-largest social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube.

Whatsapp Down And Not Working? Users Reporting Media (Images, Photos Or Videos) Transfer Issues

It appears that the widely used online messaging application WhatsApp is now having problems in several parts of the world. Numerous reports from users claiming that WhatsApp is either unavailable or not functioning properly are flooding our inbox.

The Facebook-owned service’s media sharing feature, according to several users, is not working:

Seems like WhatsApp is having trouble exchanging media. I restarted my router twice believing that my internet connection was having issues. … poor me! Anyone else having this problem? Or maybe it’s just me!

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