Whatsapp Adds Screenshot Blocking, Message Deletion, More In New Update

Whatsapp Adds Screenshot Blocking, Message Deletion, More In New Update

Recently, WhatsApp has been focused on enhancing privacy. The messaging platform revealed a new version this week that includes a few new features in the WhatsApp app, including the ability to erase messages after sending them, the choice to prevent pictures of photographs, and more.

Many people who want to keep private chats private have long chosen WhatsApp as their preferred messaging service. End-to-end encryption is used by the app to protect messages and data storage, ensuring that only you and the intended recipients can see what has been delivered.

Screenshot Blocking for View Once Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp announced it would be introducing a few new features to strengthen privacy a little bit further in order to increase that layer of security. The addition of screenshot blocking for “View Once” messages is arguably the largest and most interesting improvement. Temporary messages containing images known as “View Once” messages prevent the recipient from viewing the image again.

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The WhatsApp feature that prevents screenshots would literally black out any attempts and display the words “Screenshot was banned for increased privacy.” Users would greatly benefit from this functionality because View Once messages are useless if others can simply screenshot the image and view it as much as they like.

In addition to limiting screenshots, WhatsApp is now testing the option to control who can see your online status. You may now select who can see your activity, enabling you to log into the app anonymously without anyone else knowing. Users can pick between contacts, everyone, or nobody using this recently discovered feature. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a blacklist of contacts from which to hide your status.

Leaving WhatsApp Group Secretely

Users will also have the option of secretly leaving groups as an addition. Only the group admins will be able to notice that you have left the chat rather than letting everyone know. This will make it much simpler to end conversations without running the danger of receiving too many inquiries from other people.

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Delete For All Time Extended by WhatsApp

In order to disclose the final update, which involves deleting texts, WhatsApp turned to Twitter. After sending a message, users will now have up to two days and twelve hours to erase it (via WABetaInfo). Messages might initially be deleted solely for the user, leaving the message legible for the receiver or the rest of the group. You now have a little window of opportunity to remove those messages from everyone’s inbox.

Although WhatsApp hasn’t said when these functionality and privacy upgrades will go live, some users will probably notice the features on their devices rather soon. We expect to start seeing WhatsApp’s screenshot blocking on View Once messages on devices as soon as possible because we are genuinely pleased about it.

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