How to do Which State Do You Move on Instagram [2022]

How to do Which State Do You Move on Instagram

Have you ever imagined an application or a social platform telling you the state you actually belong to or the state you would be moving to or visiting later?

After the viral Instagram and Tiktok trend How Do I Look in Different Nationalities, another Instagram filter and trend has taken over the internet. The name of the new trending Instagram filter is Which State Are You / Which State Do You Move.

The people over the Internet are loving this trend and may be willing to do Which State Are You, but at the same time, users may also be wondering what is this trend all about.

In this post, I would explain what exactly this trend is and how we can get the Which State Do You Move / Which State Are YouFilter On Instagram and complete this trend.

What is Which State Do You Move? – Trend Explained

This is a new filter on Instagram which lets you know the state you would move to or the state you belong to after a short quiz. This filter was first used by users like omg_arfilters, parkerjjames, etc..

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This filter would show you the name of the state that you would be moving to after you answer the questions in the quiz that would appear live on the screen.

The name of the place would be shown on the basis of the answers to the questions.

This is a very interesting and entertaining filter as the name of the states are shown randomnly that you might have never thought of.

The options would appear on the top of the screen and you would have to make a choice from the two. The questions are shown randomnly and you may not be prepared to answer some of them. You need worry about the answers as you don’t have to take this seriously and answer them with the appropriate answer, you can answer as per your choice.

Now, let us head over to the tutorial of using the Which State Do You Move Instagram filter.

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Steps to Do The Which State Are You on Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram Application on Your Mobile.

Step 2: Search for the user howtoknower. You can click on the username to head over to her profile directly.

Step 3: On the profile page go the the post or the reels section and scroll down for the post where you can see Messi.

Step 4: Click on Made With Effect to try this effect.

What is Which State Do You Move

Step 5: On the pop-up menu, tap on try it or any other option as per your choice.

Steps to Do The Which State Are You on Instagram

Make sure the timing of the reel is set to above 15 seconds as the questions to be answered takes more than 15 seconds.

Do The Which State Are You on Instagram

Step 6: Hold the Record button and answer the questions by moving your head to the side where you have the option you wish to answer.

Step 7: Add music to your video, you can add any music of your choice.

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In this simple steps you can easily do the trend.

How to Get The Move To Which State Instagram Effect/FIlter

It is not that difficult to get this filter and there are more than one ways of doing so. I would explain two of the easiest ways to get this filter.

The first one is from the profile of howtoknower as I have already stated above. You can save the effect for later from the pop-up menu as sated in the tutorial above.

The socond way is looking for the filter from the profile of the creator omg_arfilters. On the profile, go to the filters / Effects section (The tab which has stars). On the filters section, look for the filter with name Which State Do You Move or Which State Are You as per your convinience.

This way you would easily be able to find the satte you would be moving to or the state you are living as a part of a game.

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