Wyze Updates Its Budget Security Camera Line With New Features Like a Spotlight

Wyze revolutionised the industry in 2017 with its line of $20 security cameras, and the business is now significantly enhancing these low-cost cameras.

The Wyze Cam OG and Wyze Cam OG Telephoto 3x, two updates to the original camera that helped the startup become a household name, were just introduced by the firm. The Wyze Cam OG is only $20 but still features cutting-edge technology.

The first improvement is a built-in lighting that serves a few purposes. In addition to deterring potential intruders, it may add light and detail to a specific area of the image as needed. In other words, turn on the spotlight and investigate whatever that strange figure on your lawn might be. The motion sensor on the 40-lumen spotlight also works.

If the spotlight did not deter the lurker on the edge of your property, the Wyze Cam OG also comes with an unbearably loud alarm. Once more, the alarm is connected to the app and activated by motion. When the alarm goes off, you’ll receive a notification on your phone so you can check it out or, uh, turn it off and go back to sleep.

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In terms of features, these 1080p cameras include two-way audio, colour night vision, and motion detection. At night, they record at 10 fps, whereas during the day, they record at 20 fps. Additional capabilities including pet and vehicle recognition as well as different web viewing choices are available with a premium Cam Plus membership.

These cameras can also be stacked and are modular. You can use the picture-in-picture mode with two cameras stacked on top of one another to get a comprehensive view of your entire yard at once.

While increasing the cost to $30, the Wyze OG Cam Telephoto 3x adds a telephoto lens for monitoring various regions of your home, both inside and out. Both cameras are now for sale. Wyze has had trouble with security issues in the past with its camera series, and they have not talked about the relative safety of these recent releases.

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